Damn Am Chicago 2019 Day 1 Practice Coverage

Posted on Saturday, July 20, 2019 by Chris

The Damn Am Chicago crew landed yesterday and promptly shredded the recently updated Asylum Skatepark course. Stay tuned for coverage all weekend and follow us @SPoTTampa for more video and photos.

Photo: Bart Jones
Hell Yeaaaaaa….
Early Bird gets the worm, Gunner Frazier guns down a Switch F/S Nosegrind.
Sky Wells, from the wells to the sky with the upside down eagle.
Before registration duty Uncle Sam saw this Damn Am/Asylum mural and was all: Yo…! I gotta get a Backtail in front of that.
Line em up, and sign them up!
Tim Casey is like a mixture of Rodney Mullen and Josh Casper. Switch Frontside Flip.
Daniel Stephens slaps up into a Front Blunt.
Joe Petrucci, Asylum local shows us what a proper Fakie Pop looks like.
Brian The Builder.
Felix the cat perches up on the stoop.
Mike Piwowar feelin’ comfy on his home turf with a Tre Noseslide.
Filmer Frank got his licks in the bowl jam with a Crook Fakie.
A framed photo of what sparked our interest in the first place.
Now we get to see it in real life again.
Wesley Box doesn’t know shit, he thinks we’re in Texas and Plants accordingly.
From Cali to IL seems a bit counter intuitive but regardless Alex Barragan shows middle America how to properly Front Crook.
You know in a crime type mafia movie where the boss takes the gun from the goon to take care of business himself, yeah that was kinda like when Paul did this B/S Noseblunt.
Marcus Sarsycki declares blasphemy with this B/S Flip over the hydrant and the edge.
LOOK HOW HYPED THESE KIDS ARE!!!!!! Do you wanna feel this kinda stoke?! If you’re in the greater middle-western area..come on down to The Asylum Skatepark to witness the madness first hand! and if not stay tuned for more pics and vids that’ll be educational and informative.