Damn Am Chicago 2019 Qualifiers & Indy Best Trick Coverage

Posted on Sunday, July 21, 2019 by Chris

Day 2 of Damn Am Chicago started off with a proper round of Qualifiers, followed by an epic Indy Best Trick. After that, we shut it down with the help of 805 beer and a live performance by The Fastplants.

Photos: Bart Jones
Trying to keep this course dry with an attempted Rube Goldberg machine situation to keep the rain out.. it didn’t work.
Ty Stigney feels the float before locking a Fakie Backtail.
That OC Cali flavor in the Bluff, Austin Heilman swerves on all these land locked clowns with a Kicky Back Lip.
Jonathon Reese bypasses the slant with a Switch Flip.
When you get a top 10 on Quarter Snacks you know its legit!! Tyler Wolford comes thru with Fakie Backlip.
What’s the saying? Kiss the cook?? In this situation we might advise not; at your own discretion.
Nick Potter’s fave trick is a Nollie Flip and he displays accordingly.
Marcus Sarsycki takes a break from his tech bullshit to loft a floater.
Talk to the hand, You need a man!! Jonathon Reese plops down a KF Frontblunt.
Sometimes we call this one the Chris Cole Grind.. Joe Petrucci pays a quick ode to the Cobra.
805 keepin the party alive….!
Fresh off an 805 Brew, Woody Woelfel puts down a Kickflip Front Nose with his weird mask on.
It’s all about that front foot catch with the Hardflip, Logan Mozey displays properly.
A nice lil set-up for Ty Stigney’s Wallie in.
Nollie 180 Switch Crooks are gangster as hell, Nicky Matveev throws one down!
DJ Wade a lil salty we had bands playing last night and he couldn’t DJ into the night.
Everybody can do em but they’re still hard. Austin Heilman with the fs 180 Grind the tough way.
Nick Potter helps us with some proper branding for the 805 Beer Company.
Congrats to Austin on qualifying first!
Joe Petrucci gets the Best Trick poppin’ off with a 180 Nosegrind the hard way back to straight.
Chuck Bennett goes the distance with a Tre Tailgrab.
Bret Eder takes the alternate route with the Dump Truck over the Fire Hydrant.
Revel In Rot rocks the house.
Heilman keeps it goin’ with a Frontboard up in over.
Congrats to Cris Lesh 5th place Best Trick.
Gunner Frazier did a B/s 180 Flip Nosegrind and got 4th in Indy's Best Trick. Hell Yeah!
Wild man Tim Casey held it down with a Switch F/S 360 Heel and 3rd place for IBTC; good looks Tim!
A photo with Steez Ortiz to boot!
Jake Carlson did a Backtail Bigflip at the buzzer for 2nd place in Indy’s Best Trick. Fuck Yeah Jake!
Jonathon Reese’s “warm-up” Boardslide up in over bigspin out before taking the win with a Front Blunt Bigspin the awkward way.
Congrats Jonathon!!!!!!
The FastPlants played us out on another epic day/night!