Damn Am Chicago 2019 Semis & Finals Photos

Posted on Monday, July 22, 2019 by Chris

Another epic Damn Am stop is in the books...thanks again to Asylum Skatepark for hosting us this year and helping to make our trip to Chicago a blast!

Photos: Bart Jones
Some do it for the skating, skating is cool and all but I do it for the burgers and dogs!
Ty Stigney stigs a Fakie Tailslide.
Jalen skates faster than a maxed out speed on one those electronic scooters.
Somehow Joe Petrucci didn’t make the Finals, but he gets in one last lick before throwing in the towel.
Wish this was a bunch of cases of 805 Brew that Henry Woolever is Kickflip Grinding.
With enough Cannabis sponsors to open his own dispensary in Jan. 2020, Cris Lesh stomps out a high speed Switch Frontboard.
Fighting Illini Loc Dawg Cole Hosman puts a Kicky Front Crook down.
Cole hovers one edgewise on a Backsmith.
Skating these comps since he was an infant, Wesley Box is no stranger to tying together a line.
Wesley, Pop-Shuv Grind.
One more of Wes.
Gunner Frazier gunning down the course got the filmer so shook he surrounded himself with safety cones.
Gunner, Switch F/S Feeble.
Rage Club Member, Nick Rainey pays his membership with a Tre Lip.
Noll-A-Frame B/S 180 Flip.
Jonathon shows versatility with a Frontside Flip as well.
Peanut Gallery
Mike Piwowar back on his hometurf with a Frontside Noseblunt Slide.
I think Marse Farmer rides Thunders, oh well…
Marse again, Boardslide up n’ over.
Austin Heilman hovers above the rest with a Switch Front Nosegrind.
Does Jim Malardo really like Nickleback?? Regardless thanks to him for rebuilding park.
Thanks to this guy for keeping the Burgers & Hotdogs flowing!
Thanks to the whole Asylum Skatepark crew for makin it all happen.
Nick Potter won the Mob Grip ‘G’ For Effort Award although he was not present to receive so we gave it to his friend, LJ Falk for delivery.
Tim Casey won the Santa Cruz Smasher Award.
We called this kid up as we thought it was Ty Stigney.
Classic Mix-Up.
180 Switch Crooks the hard way?? Piwowar’s got em’
Congrats Mike on 3rd Place.
SPoT Crew on the podium, Marse Farmer.
Congratulations Marse on 2nd Place!
Austin Heilman has came out of nowhere lately and he’s a maniac!
1st Place!!!!!! Good Work Austin!
Free Hugs!
Another one for the books, thank you everyone!!!!