Damn Am Woodward West 2019 Practice Photos

Posted on Saturday, September 7, 2019 by Chris

It's been a full year since we held a Damn Am at Woodward West and we're stoked to be back. The course looks sicker than ever and we've got hungry Ams from all over the world here trying to showcase their skills. Our away team landed yesterday and promptly went into warmups. Here's the outcome:

Photos: Bart Jones
Upon arrival we’re greeted by an ever so helpful Kris Sherry.
Ty Tarzetti puts the Tre at bay.
Uncle Sam learned early: don’t stick your head in the grab machine.
Wanny Womez Woes Wive Woh Wat WoodWard West.
Unfortunately our DJ did not show up today, But fortunately Paul Zitzer is a JOAT (Jack Of All Trades)
Hi-Yah! Miles Lawrence kicks out the jams on a One-Foot Front Board.
We’re just wondering where The Spot Burger is?
Malik Barnett goes Phattie To Flatty with another Tre, this time in the chusheez.
Friends help friends stay hydrated.
Jose Sandoval slaps a Backside Flip.
Go Big, Screw A Plan, Keep Your Eyes To Yourself, Give No Respect, Go Hard.
Keenan Lewis Grinds a lengthy Backside Over Crook on the. QP.
Off with his head! Mark Ortega on the chopping block with a B/S Noseblunt.
Forward/Backward, Tony Christopher takes an Ollie Blind to Fakie.
Double Trouble, Derick Glancy gets his timing right with Cobi Henriquez.
Haley Isaak puts a hurtin’ on this pyramid corner with a another Tre.
Hina Maeda warms things up with a Feeble.
But then seals the deal with a Kicky Front Board.
When I was 12 years old I wasn’t doin’ shit. Filipe Mota is KFing Backtailing this A-Frame Hubba..his childhood is way cooler.
We thought Powerade was a sponsor and we were hooking them up, turns out they’re not. Stay tuned for more Damn Am Woodward West coverage and possibly more false sponsor placement.