Damn Am Woodward West 2019 - Finals Photos

Posted on Monday, September 9, 2019 by Chris

Another amazing year at Woodward West comes to a close. Here are some highlights from Men's and Women's division Street Finals - congrats to everyone that placed and we'll hopefully see you all in NYC this weekend!

Photos: Bart Jones
Rain or shine, bring your umbrellas, bring your blankets; semi-finals bout to go down.
Wesley Box goes Texas on the taco.
Tony Christopher hits a gap boardslide from a funky angle.
Fluffy hair and puffy shoes, Liam Tiemeyer locks a Front Crook.
Speed lines are the name of Jalen Willis’ game, 180 Nosegrind at high velocity.
Big shout to Deng Tear, qualifying 1st in Semis.
Agghh these dang cool guys again! Ready to judge women’s finals.
Rosa Navarro takes Switch Fity upward.
Haley Isaak, Back Lip
No stranger to desert heat and crete, Christine Cottam nails a Bigspin Back D.
Solid pop and fresh styles, Monica Torres Nollie Heelflips.
Hannah Tallman does her wacky Footplant Handspin thing while Rosa takes note.
Mia Lovell has got the Grabs and gots the Blunts, here’s a combination of the two.
Hina Maeda is a force to be reckoned with!Hina Maeda is a force to be reckoned with! Gap Boardslide outta the gates.
Hina, Feeble Grind.
Congrats to Christine finishing in 5th place.
Brazilian powerhouse Monica Torres got 4th.
South Bay’s finest Hannah Tallman took 3rd.
Then it came down to two…
Once Mia was announced as 2nd place, Hina knew!
Congrats Mia!
Congrats Hina!
The Boys are back in town.
Chris Blake gettin ready for Men’s Finals.
Liam warms it up with KF Lip.
Solid, smooth, and safe.. Camp Schill locks down a Backsmith.
#1 Semis Qualifier Deng floats a Back Three.
Austin Holcomb is one cool steezy fool.
More speed and more tricks, Jalen Willis.
Tony pops up top and takes the coaster down.
The peanut gallery.
Angel Ortega mid finals.
Dezmin Lane is a wild man, Ollie Up FS Lip.
Tampa/Canada’s Finest Wesley Box goes up.
Another smooth ass fool, Jonny Hernandez.
I want Pizza! and results!
Element’s John Schillereff waits patiently for the results.
Gosh those are great eyes.. who’s eyes?
Yeah, peel those stickers up you peasant!
Big thanks to Woodward and Kris Sherry for making this happen!
Big Shout to the Pharmacy crew for rollin deep.
Thank you John Schill for just hangin’ out and being supportive.
No contest, Dezmin is the Speed Killer.
It takes speed to get up there.
Austin grabbed the Mob G for effort award.
Tony Christopher is the definition of a Destroyer.
Wesley working his way up the ranks with 3rd place.
He Shuvs out.
Two guys left!
Congrats Jonny.
..And if Jonny got 2nd that means…..
Miles Lawrence is our Damn Am Woodward West 1st place winner!!
Huge congrats Miles!
Women’s First Place.
Men’s First Place.
Women’s Top 5.
Men’s Top 3.