Damn Am NYC 2019 Finals & Indy Best Trick Photos

Posted on Sunday, September 15, 2019 by Chris

NYC is the perfect setting for our final Damn Am stop of the year. Yesterday's Finals went off, but these guys weren't done yet. With a newly-installed rail down the LES double set, the Indy Best Trick got turned up to 11. Congrats to all the winners and we'll see you at Tampa Am!!

Photos: Bart Jones
Seein our people conjoin from every direction!
Under the learning hand of Danny Fuenzalida, Zion Effs takes a Tre Flip into the abyss.
Chris Corpuz goes coastal with a Front Feebz.
Stig It!! Ty Stigney sticks a Backlip.
Wonderboy Zion Effs puts a Varial Heel on wax.
Hard as hell.
Greg Dehart comin outta nowhere onto the contest circuit.
Jonny Hernandez Kickflip Frontboarding all over the country lately.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, Lester Cepero takes note with a Nollie Heel.
Austin Heilman goin’ up to get down.
Oh man how sick does Becker have to be of hearing: Get it Dunn. Becker Dunn gets a Bigspin BSTS done.
Suciu and Spears were diggin’ Becker’s run.
Come on Becker! Don’t look soo grim you just qualified 1st!
Lester Loves apples.. this time he blows lunch with a FS Flip.
Now Lester is just playin with us, One-Foot.
Austin Heilman, Cab Back Lip.
Somewhere over the rainbow, Austin plays the Leprechaun and looks for his pot of Gold via Boardslide.
Fan Favorite and LES local, Brandon Johnson plays a game of flip and catch.
A million dumb questions from these kids, and Sam still has a big smile on his face.
Everybody was doin’ em.
Greg Dehart could get tech but he could also float.
I say wear what you dig…
Everyone's got their own style.
Austin Back 270 Lips for the onlookers.
What if you could spin that apple 360? Jonny can..
DJ Wade who?
I think this is Christian Hall warming up the rail at Independent Best Trick with a Front Feeble.
Brian O’dwyer just having some gnarly fun on the fun shape.
No prizes or placement for Brian O'Dwyer but this is gnarly!
Dominick Walker said he was hurt and couldn’t skate, so I don’t know what this FS Nosegrind is all about?
No love for JC Mazza either but a gnarly Front Blunt nevertheless.
Wild Tre Flip, not sure who this is..
Chris Corpuz made the trip worthwhile with a Hardflip.
Big shout to our Crowd Safety Crew.
Mob G for Effort goes to Kenny Gonzalez. Yeah Kenny!
Juan Hernandez won the Bronson Speed Killer Award.
Sam Sneed Destroyed, hence the Zumiez Destroyer Award.
3rd in Best Trick, Bigspin Frontboard down the rail.
Logan Mozey took 2nd place in BT.
Logan, Barley back to straight.
Dave Bohack won Indy’s Best Trick.
Here’s Dave doing Back Overcrook, but he did Back Noseblunt too.
3rd Place over all, Greg Dehart! Congrats!
Greg, Kicky Backlip.
2nd Place, Mana Sasaki.. Congrats Dude!
Double Doozy! Damn Am Of Year and overall 1st Place! Congrats Becker!
Look at em go!
Our/Your Top 3!