Damn Am LA: Practice Photos

Posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 by Matt Shail

Damn Am 2022 LA brought in skaters from all over the world to skate The Berrics in a global showdown. Here's our Friday practice photos!

Photos by Bart Jones
Don’t be intimidated, we’re friendly in here.
Before announcing, Manny sets it off!
iDabble filmer onset!
Braeden Weekes releases & catches
Life on the strand
High energy and highspeed Kwesi Un Holloway!
Olympic talk...they even got an Acai tent at the Olympics?!
Rio Sawada explores the depths of the Sugar cane on the bigger rail.
Daiki Ikeda says checkmate on theSugarcane with a backer-upper.
Who wants to get snapped up?!
Gavin Jusay, Varial Heelflip.. Jus’ Sayin’
Dude don’t touch my DJ stuff bro.
No Yankout joke here.. Doesn’t apply. Jake Yanko dangles a One-Footer. 
Cariuma and the crew.
Have you seen Sena Watanabe’s Heelflip Frontblunt? I wanna be like that.
You got pay the foodtruck toll, if you wanna put that food in your hole.
Kento Urano, KFBSNBS.
Thee ole’ tongue out finger pointer pose never fails.
Gabe Schuch Front Feeble upon request.
Who doesn’t love Wawa?! Wawallie Bluntslide, Jake Yanko
Pop it up and slam it down.. Joetaro Saito handles the KF Backsmif.
Jake Brenier hoists a Front Blunt Slide up onto the A-frame.
Greg Rodriguez made this rail his lil’ beyatchh. Hardflip Frontboard.
Master blaster Lazer Crawford hucks a Hardflip over n out.
It ain’t much but it’ll get you started. TBC for more Damn Am LA recap.