Damn Am LA: Qualifiers & Best Trick Photos

Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 by Matt Shail

After a long day at The Berrics for the Damn Am Qualifiers, the Ams were able to find their second wind when they found out $1000 was on the line for Best Trick down the 10!

Photos by Bart Jones
Gin Woo spends his morning taking a moment of peace and solitude before an onslaught of mayhem.
Xavier Miller gets it poppin’
Christiana Means and Schaefer reminisce about simpler times back in Florida.
DVS is still a thing?! Joao Criscuolo represents with a Heelflip Noseslide.
Filmer Frank, just waiting for his set.
Jimmy Bueno is a cool ass name.
Damn Am!! A place to make friends!
Deng Tear on a dang terror!!
Maurice Jordan, down and out but still in high spirits.
Past Damn Am winner Lucas Alves pulls out one his sigs, the Tre Lip.
Brian goofs, Paul works, and Monica mean mugs.
Jake Yanko strikes a pose.
Q: Does 3rd place olympian, Jagger Eaton attend Damn Am?? A: Yes, duh of course!!
Purple pants and a Lipslide dance.
All beard no cares, Hurvey Haskins
Heelflip Frontlip seems tough, Sena Watanabe has got 'em down.
Trappers Delight puts the security to work.
There’s our guy! Ginwoo Kickflip Backtails.
Too much posse!
Raimu Sasaki killed it and got the 2nd place golden ticket straight to the finals.
Lots of staring into the camera and throwing up the peace sign, this kid in the middle opts out with a distant stare and a hangloose.
Got Angles? Jake Yanko poses One-Foot for the fans.
Brian pulls a reverse product pillage.
Daiki Ikeda puts up a picture perfect Kicky Backtail.
Ginwoo didn’t mess up in Qualifier and copped the first place qualifier Golden Ticket!
Congrats Raimu!
Yeaaaaaa Ginwoo!!!!
Congrats Ginwoo!
Cass Hecht gets the Scandal Best Trick Contest started with a Kickflip Grind.
Anderson Stevie pulled this Switch Frontside Flip a few times, this one for the best trick contest.
Hardly ever seen this one before! Gary Lemmons shows us his Early-grab Backlip.
Marc Arias shows class with a Gap Backside Noseblunt amidst all the flippy-dooda boolshit of the best trick comp.
One-n-done, Kento Urano breaks out the Kickflip Gap Nosegrind in best trick and goes back to shredding the rest of the park.
This is a confusing photo, but use your imagination.. Jake Yanko grinded that whole ledge then gapped to Backlip, it was cool! He got 5th place in Scandal Best Trick!
Arthur Cardova Gaps to 4th place in the Scandal Best Trick Comp with a Switch Big Heel.
Looks like a Salad Grind but that’s just the result of our shitty photographer, it’s actually Raimu Sasaki’s Switch 270 Front Blunt Slide; that got em’ 2nd place in SBTC.
Jonathan Henderson took a nice one right to the nards before nailing this Tre’ Lip Bigspin Out.
The judges deliberate on who took all the marbles in Scandal’s Best Trick Comp.
The people had spoken: Jonathan Henderson made himself a 1,000 bucks richer taking first in Best Trick brought to you by Scandal. Dig into the depths of SPOT website for more Damn Am Coverage coming soon!