Damn Am LA: Finals Photos

Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 by Matt Shail

Japan came out on top once again at the end of a long Battle at the Berrics for the return of Damn Am

Photos by Bart Jones
Upon arrival, greeted by wounded soldiers and their assistance; down but not out. Heal up buddies!
There goes Anderson Stevie, huckin’ that Switch Frontside Flip again!
Steven Vasquez gets his back with a Solid Heelflip.
You know it’s on when JUICE is in the house!
Ahhh Bullseye! Kwesi Un Holloway hits it with a Tre Flip.
Kwesi doubles down with a Nollie Crook.
It’s a dog eat dog world.
No chill for Camp Schill with a Hardflip down the 10.
Cole Gossett, Half-Cab Crook.
Brace Faces! Margielyn Didal & Jordan Maxham keep the hype goin’
Basically a Cariuma ad in front of a Cariuma ad! Cass Hecht works the crowd.
Cass loves this gap to Hubba, he comes back for more with as Back Smith.
“What should I film?”
Cole Hosman aka Big Hoss takes the road less traveled with a Heelflip Crook.
Loose and now lanky Lazer Crawford twists himself into a b/s 180 Fakie Grind.
Stevie Willams was there, and he listens to what the fans have to say..
...And he’s intrigued!!
Jonas Carlsson F/S 180’s to Fakie 50/50 the hard way.
Daiki Ikeda saving face with a Kickflip Front Blunt.
Jack of a lot of trades: Nick Merlino, hooks-up that extra honey on top!
Greg Rodriguez had to Kickflip Front Grind this rail over 100 times this weekend, here’s one of em’
Sometimes we all just need a little extra support out on the course.
Jonas brought the pain on the A-Frame, this time with a Kicky Backlip.
When in Rome or at the Berrics.. do as Roman Hager does, and blast a Frontside Flip.
Hey this kid was eatin’ an acai bowl yesterday!
These kids sure love these acai bowls!
Roman is back again, and hardly gets onto this Kickflip Front Lip.
Is that a wig?! Extensions!? Or just a great head of hair?!?
Jonas Carlsson back on that dang A-frame again!
Lucas Alves has got The Motivation X3 to nail these Tre Flip Noseslides.
Sena Watanabe is the Heelflip Frontblunt Slide master, plain n’ simple.
Kento Urano put on a hell of a show.
On the real: Big shoutout to Kento for taking a full body hot pocket and laughing it off like a real G’
Yes… we all wish Lazer Crawford would do Lazer Flips, that’d be fun; but until then I suppose this Hardflip Back Lip will have to do.
Who would give this human version of a moldy ham sandwich an award?!
Yes Fam’!
Big shout to Alyssa for making sure we stay in one piece!
Now for the real awards! Lazer got 3rd place!
Congrats Lazer!
Ginwoo got 2nd place and might be one of the best skateboarders in the world one day ¯\_(?)_/¯
Congrats Ginwoo!
..And Ginwoo’s mom got all the angles!
It’s been almost 3 years since the last Damn Am and the game dun’ changed! This is Daiki’s world now!
Congrats Daiki!
Daiki had a hell of a run!
Your top 3! See ya again soon!