Damn Am Netherlands 2022: Practice Photos

Posted on Thursday, July 14, 2022 by Matt Shail

Europeans had no problem showing up to Breda to skate one of the greatest parks in the world - Pier 15!

Photos by Bart Jones
YES! A skatepark with a bar! This is good, this is a great first impression of the amazing compound that The Pier 15 Skatepark is.
Johan Mogollon gets things poppin’ with a Front Blunt.
ALWAYS good to see Floris Sprenkeling!… (every few years)
All the way from Argentina, Mauro Iglesias was ready to roll with a Tre Lip.
Now that's a real shame when folks be throwin' away a perfectly good skateboard palm tree like that.
Joshua Fens nails the KF Back Lip on the bump to bar.
Did we mention the park was hecka fun..?
Chris Hoeve gets his Grapefruit Grind on.. Why’s it called a Grapefruit Grind??
They ride a lot of bikes here too.
Owen Huijberts shows us his Backside.. Air that is.
Coming soon to a theater near you: The Trashman, Starring Paul Zitzer.
Master of all boardsports, Sterre Meijer has the Boardslide on lock!
Seems like Daiki Ikeda likes riding new boards.
Matias Del Ollio does more than an Ollie yo with a Tre Noseslide.
The Ziz takes the backseat to Rob and DJ Redbeard this time around.
How you gonna call this a contest without a Beni.. Jesse De Waard fills the prerequisite.
Here is a quick series of Fredrik’s Tangerud’s Bump to bar annihilation, starting with the FS Noseblunt.
Followed up with the Tre Flip Lip.
…And sealin’ it with the B/S Noseblunt.
Long day of registration for the boys.
As practice goes into the evening, things start getting silly with a doubles Noseslide, featuring Owen and Sterre.
Finally things clear out for the registration boys.
How do you say Switch Front Feeble in French?? Max Berguin shows us through interpretive body language.
Derick Glancy very hyped to get outta of registration after a long day and hit the clubs!! Qualifier photos coming soon!!!