Damn Am Netherlands 2022: Qualifiers and Best Trick Photos

Posted on Friday, July 15, 2022 by Matt Shail

Did you know that contests don't start until 4pm in The Netherlands?! After a long day of Qualifiers we ended the day out with a Best Trick Contest that will be hard to beat. Here's a look back at the coverage!

Photos by Bart Jones
Welcomed by these young wonderful lads upon arrival.
Practice makes perfect, Damien Philippe gets amongst it.
Using the whole course and not just the A-Frame, Diego Broest works the sidewalls.
Not Bad! A beach! On an industrial river, but a beach nevertheless.
Thiago Monteiro gets the qualifiers started with a Switch Tailslide on the mini-baby Hubba.
It works for Switch Backtails too!
There goes Bart Buikman ripping! Sup’ with this guy posting in the foreground??
Announcers, judges, skaters, and onlookers all take note on Valentin Graindorge’s Kicky Backlip.
Yeah they got fullpipes there, multiples of ‘em, they’re a lil’ tight, but they got them!
It’s just a Front Blunt on a little Hubba, but it’s a classy trick, Fredrik Tangerud knows what’s up.
Fredrik brings more hot fire!
This is Matt, the backbone of SPOT operations.. Someones gotta be the dick, someones got to be that guy, keep people in line; he’s the one who steps up and does the dirty work. Anyway forget the Bullseye, I’m aiming straight for the piercing blue eyes!
Diego Broest Boardslides what seems to be the scariest obstacle on the course, not a lot of peeps hittin’ it. What’s with that filmer in the back missing the clip?! He’s prob gonna get fired; def. never taking my job.. that’s for sure!
More Diego Broest being the bro and showing the bros his Broslide
Some jump!
..While others just hanggggg.
More Bart, with a Backside Noseblunt Slide this time. What’s with this filmer getting foreground props again?! Background props are one thing, but to just post up in the foreground like that is just thirsty and petty!
Why look so sad?! Does Valentin Graindorge’s Back Overcrook not make you happy!?
High Fashion
We have come to learn that the Back 180 Fakie Pinch is def one of Jonas Carlsson’s ‘up down star special’ moves, it’s a great trick!
Loud ‘n’ Proud, Matias Dell Ollio snaggles a Hardflip Back Lip.
A Dutchman and a Floridian, the film/video/media/ skatelife is the tie that binds.
Looks like a Willy Grind up the rail, but nahhhhh.. It’s uh perfectly executed Benetar Grind performed by Elias Heitmann.
Mauro Iglesias twists one up and gets twisted with a Back 270 Noseblunt Slide.
DJ Redbeard keeps their heads boppin’ with some mind altering beats!!
Max Berguin Switch 270’d into this F/S Feeble.
Our boy Tim Koster from Flatspot Mag get’s up close and personal with Ginwoo Onodera’s KF Front Blunt.
We call it the SSofA (Sam’s Seal of Approval)
Daiki Ikeda placed second in Qualifier’s, Alright Daiki! Way to go Daiki!!
This is usually where we would place a photo of the number 1 qualifier, Levi Loffelberger; but the guy literally didn’t do a single trick that made a proper still photograph.. Lots of flip in/flip out! So here’s another photo of Daiki instead ¯\_(?)_/¯
There’s a friggin’ heatwave in Europe right now, but luckily as the sunsets and things cool down the crowd can chill n’ relax in the courtyard a bit.
Ginwoo gets Best Trick started with a safety move on his behalf with a Kickflip Backtail Bigspin Out!
You know Best Trick was going off when Johan Mogollon’s Heelflip Noseblunt Slide didn’t even make the cut, that’s an awkward one!
Also another notable mention in Best Trick that hit the cutting room floor: Jonas Carlsson’s Cab Flip Backlip. Yeahhhhh Jonas!!!
Playas gonna play… Judges goin’ ta judge.
Mauro Iglesias got 5th place in the Best Trick Competition, Congrats Mauro!
Mauro Nollie Late Flipped outta this Kickflip Crook!
Matias Dell Ollio cops 4th place in the Best Trick Contest, Heck Yeah Matias!
We already got a photo of the Tre Noseslide that Matias did earlier and then he Nollie Heeled out of it in best trick; so here’s a Back 270 Flip Lip instead for your viewing pleasure.
Sorry Daiki! You can’t get first in everything, but 3rd in the Best Trick Comp ain’t too shabby! Kanpai Daiki!
Not all tricks need captioning, but this one does! It’s a 360 Flip Front Bluntslide!
Liam Le Franc held it down with 2nd in Best Trick, we stoked for you Liam!
The Kickflip into the Front Board milliseconds before Laim Kickflips out!
And your Netherlands 2022 BT winner!!.... Ginwooooooooo!!!!!!!! Congratulations Ginwoo!
The Kickflip catch before bashing it down into Fs Blunt and Bigspin Flipping out.
Congrats to Levi & Daiki on taking the Golden Tickets in Qualifiers, straight to the finals!
You guys are still lurking out here?! (In a Homer Simpson voice)-Mmmm Beeer.. Stay tuned for one more post from Breda with Semis and Finals coming soon!