Damn Am Netherlands 2022: Finals Photos

Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2022 by Matt Shail

After one of the most insane Best Trick Contests the action continued in the Damn Am Netherlands finals leading up to Daiki Ikeda taking his second Damn Am victory in a row!

Photos by Bart Jones
Greeted on the last day of Damn Am in the Netherlands by the man himself.. Bonk
Also welcomed by this cute pup, he’s a good dog.
Media Blitzer, Frank Branca got in a few licks before Semis started.
Registration, judge, and overall dogooder Derick Glancy gets a lil’ airtime in before work time.
While the boys skate around a bit, Flo holds it down at the bar.
Lenni Pfeiffer aka Phife Dawg, gets things cookin’ with a 360 Kickflip.
Lukas Larrue sticks to a new age classic with a KF Backlip.
So sick of these hold the product in the frame but have the face outta focus photos, but this one of Frank with his seltzer slaps!
Remco Erkeland keeps it lean ‘n’ mean with a Frontside Noseblunt Slide.
Warning: you are now entering a high air zone! Mika Moller takes it to F/S Wallride.
If you ain’t got a homie to help you stretch out, you ain’t shit.
All the stretching pays off with buttery smooth BSTSs.
Alex Decunha attacked the course like some sorta Hedgehog/Wombat hybrid! Tailslide on the inside.
Down but never out, Woody takes in some sunshine.
Matias Dell Ollio with a pep in his step puts down the B/S 180 Nosegrind midrun.
If you ain’t got a homie to film your run, you ain’t shit
“I’ma do good on yuh momma, make you proud” Also a rare moment of Bonk not smiling.
Crowd fave around the world, Ginwoo Onodera catches the flip before putting it to lip
While the contest goes off on the inside, Lea Schairer holds it down with a Lipslide at the outside bowl.
Congratulations to Ginwoo finishing first in the Semifinals.
Alex Dehcunha gets the Finals started with a Backtail down the Hubba, Filmer Frank doesn’t miss the action unlike that other guy filming for SPOT : /
Bike to skate! Now that’s healthy living!
If you ain’t got yo gurl to back you up while you’re skatin’ U ain’t shit.
This ones for boo-thang.. Blasted Frontside Flip.
Everyone pitched in to prep for the Pier Paradise event the following day.
DJs Everywhere!
Simon Deprez holds his own in the finals with a Back Overcrook.
You have now entered the DRONE ZONE!!
Liam Le Franc puts it on for the crowd during the finals.
You say Fuck Tampa, but cleaning up the park mid-contest?! We could use a guy like you!!
We #1! Woody being the nice guy he is, lends a ride on his cart to his lady friend.
Max Berguin, Kickflip Frontside Bluntslide.
Making Friends
Matias takes a lil break under the sun before gettin’ after his final runs.
Matias puts the pedal to the metal and the Tre to Nose.
Don’t you judge me!!
Ginwoo and another one of his many Kickflip FS Bluntslides.
Kid can put on a performance!
Jan Hirt fans Paul down.
..And then Paul says; Jan! You don’t need to do that! I got my own fan!
Mauro Iglesias gets in a little snack before his finals runs.
360 Flip Lip in a high presh sitch.
Bonk has something to say!!
If this skatepark was a swimming hole, the A-Frame would be the sweet spot where you catch the whoppers! Elias Heitman reels in a Hardflip to flat.
Last Damn Am winner Daiki Ikeda with a Sugarcane…
..And the crowd goes wilddddd!!
Big thanks goes to Matias and the Flatspot Mag crew for advising us on this journey to the Netherlands
Big shout to Cariuma and Monster for making this all possible.
Big praise n thanks to Bonk for being part of and blessing us with one of the most fun skateparks ever.
One more of Bonk, just cause he’s such an epic and great guy.
Mauro got 3rd place.
Salud Mauro!
Elias got 2nd place.
Jubel Elias!!
Daiki got first place. AGAIN!
Kanpai Daiki!!!
Gonna miss this place! See ya next time~