Damn Am NYC 2022: Practice Photos

Posted on Saturday, September 10, 2022 by Matt Shail

Renegade Damn AM NYC practice is the only way to do it. How else are these kids supposed to warm up!?

Photos by Bart Jones
Show-up and Paul & Frank are already in it with the whole SPOT LIFE thang
Shit seems kinda Susk, Ethan Kaplan sets the tone in the AM.
Just sign me in bro, I’m trying to skate!
Never too early to ride the steel, Lucas Delao takes a feeble down the prop rail.
Dude....?! Bro....!? Bro...! Dude...?
King of New York? Definitely not... King of B-Roll?? Perhaps..
His name is Malik the freak, but right here.. Call ‘em Donny.
NYC Skateboarding Legend: Danny Supa posts up to check Damn Am with his son Gabriel.
While real life Hurricanes are a possible threat elsewhere, Cole Wayka plays make believe.
Put me in coach!
Deon Harris is a nut! Just all over the place, here we catch him mid Crooked Grind down the double-set rail, just for the hell of it.
Sign 'em up and line them up!
Manny sneaks away from babbling on the microphone for a quick flip into the shit.
The man, the myth, the legend?? Posted in the cuts.
Lil’ homies got heart! Jake Brenier squeals a B/S Smith down the Hubba midday.
Another legend posted lowkey, Darby Allin did a quick check-in.
Air-Time Mandatory! Myles Booker abides with a Frontsider.
KREW. If you don’t got one.. What’ve you got? You ain’t got shit.
Daiki is back again, Frontside Half-Cab Flippin’ o of stu.
No secret, Greg Rodriguez Kickflips Frontside into stu no problem; this time to Front-Lip.
Whether you’re straight posted, getting total coverage, or just picked up snacks, and talking on speaker in public.. They all out here!
Damn Am NYC, where Christopher Actie JR. shows us tricks we’ve never seen before. “I never seen that trick in my life!”
Cass Hecht jumps the gun on the SKNDL best trick contest and takes a one trucker down the big rail.
That shitty Bondo job on the double-set... Yeah our guy Paul did that.. Stay tuned for the rest of the photos, covering the rest of this whole hub-bub/hodgepodge!