Damn Am NYC 2022: Finals & Best Trick Photos

Posted on Thursday, September 15, 2022 by Matt Shail

What do you get when you pack Qualifiers, Finals, and Best Trick into one Saturday? An unforgettable Damn Am experience featuring the best amateurs from around the world!

Photos by Bart Jones
Enter The Void!
Hardly even recognized Florida’s own Tyson Zane, he all grownup now with Fakie Ollie Switch Front Feebles.
The purple sweatpants are key. Andre Beverly Kickflip Crooks on his home turf.
Sponsors & Skaters, that’s a good sign!
Jalen Willis Rides the Backside of the rainbow.
What’s it like to be sponsored by Danny Duncan? Ask Roman Hager, he’d know.
Walker Ryan explains to his friend Dave Cole that he can’t skate; there’s a contest going on!
Lucas Delao keeps it classy with a Howard Grind.
Kids aren’t hitting the bump/gap to square bars like they used to, NYC loc’ Kenny Gonzalez keeps the dream alive though.
Long hair, don’t care.
A beautiful afternoon for Noah Pollard’s B/S Smith Grind.
Daiki be Sugar Canin’ all over the world!
Jake Ilardi showed up to pay homage to his old Damn Am roots, and Paul thinks it’s hilarious!
Kwesi goes Tresi.
Sweaterfest with no base layer?! Now that’s actually Crazy!!
Everyone looks miserable here except the security guard, but I swear it was a good time!
Cordano Russell takes it onward and upward, while Filmer Frank captures it all.
Number one qualifier, Nicholas Ramos takes it full radial over the pyramid.
SPoT's squeaky clean front man, Edwin takes it to the streets.
Koston Eaton be munchin’ on a Backtail otop the rainbow.
You soooo crazy.. Kwesi, prob sick of hearing that! Gap Back Lip.
From the hump to the bump, Kenny Gonzalez Late Shuvs.
Cordano keeps it not so casual with a Noseblunt down the double-set rail to start off his run.
Showin’ mad love out here!
Roman takes KF into a steep lil’ diddy.
NYC Phenom, Jiro Platt Switch Backlips the bump to bar.
Is there a vet on the premises? Cause my Pythons are sick!
Jonathan Henderson thinking: Damn I gotta get ripped like that someday!
Daiki with that classic Hardflip catch.
Who wears short shorts?! Tyler Kirshenbaum does. Also, does well caught F/S Flips as well.
Peeps showed up!
Nicholas deal breaker with the Crook Nollie Heel Out.
Homies showing mad love out here!
Jalen checks the feed for these Final Results.
Jake Brenier gets Best Trick poppin’ off with a Backlip.
Not even sure if Deon Harris landed this Tre, he was kinda all over the place.
Cole Wayka beats the crowd with a Noseblunt Slide.
Not sure if this Switch Heel was landed either, but I liked the photo.
If you ain’t jumpin’ you filming.
Could possibly be another non-land, but 360 Flip with red shoes matching the backpack?! We got runit!
Kiki Kakitani’s One-Front Board was too sick!
Daddy -n- Me
Missed Jonathan Henderson’s Hardflip down the double that got him 5th place in Scandals Best Trick contest, but here’s a Biggie Boardslide down the rail instead.
Justin Ladner scored 4th in Best Trick with a Bigspin....
...and a Backside Heel to boot!
Cole Wayka goin’ strong and grabbing 3rd in Best Trick with a Switch Frontside Flip down the dubs.
Greg Rodriguez pulled a second placer in Best Trick with one of his sigs, the Kicky F/S Fifty.
All legs ‘n’ no head. A Nollie 270 Boardslide is a tough and random one to shoot, but Cordano took it to the Double-set rail and won Scandal’s Best Trick with it!
Good Job Greg!
Congrats to Cordano!!!!
Thanks For Nothing
Thanks For Nothing
Rob Washburn from Bones came out!
Just shy of a 3–Peat, Daiki will have to settle for 3rd this time around.
FYI Daiki Cabbed into this B/S Noseblunt Slide.
Tyler Kirshenbaum came outta nowhere and took 2nd place.
Tyler didn’t stick around for his award photo, so here is another photo of him ripping.
Nicholas takes it home for the locals with 1st place in this year's Damn AM NYC, Congrats Nicholas!! Until next time!