Damn Am Japan 2022: Best Trick Coverage

Posted on Sunday, September 25, 2022 by Matt Shail

This was the most insane best trick contest of the Damn Am 2022 series. I wouldn't want to be in the judge's shoes for this one!

Photos by Matt Shail
The best trick obstacle. Every skater in the building eyeing this thing up!
Best Trick was entirely fueled by Monster Energy...well for the judges at least!
A few of the guys that made qualifiers decided to sit this one out
Kairi at it again with that kickflip backtail to warm up
Taiga Ishikawa showing off the infamous hardflip lateflip
Hozumi Kai had these on lock some how. Backsideflip nosegrind
I watched Joetaro learn this right before best trick started. Kickflip crook down the hubba.
There it is. Tatsuma Masada suicide back 50
This trick is really hard to get a photo of. Ghettobird from Toa - also known as the Toaconstrictor according to Paul Zitzer
Kai Suematsu throws a casual switch backside flip into the mix.
Did you see that?
Taiga Nagai with the Taiga style big spin blunt big spin out. Another trick much more worthy of a photo.
Yuki was one of the few to skate over the rail to flat. He did so with style - nollie inward heel. Just another drop in the bucket hat for him
Imagine waiting your turn on the deck with this crew.
A structured cab back noseblunt from Junnosuke Hasegawa
Daiki raising the bar with the cab back tail big spin.
Then taking it over to the other side for the biggerflip blunt.
Raimu switch 270 blunt.
The winning trick from the bunch from Raimu Sasaki: switch 180 crook nollie flip. The most insane trick of the contest. I've got the IG clip at the top of the article. Next photo shows the flick out
The flick out. Head explode emoji
Everyone waiting for the judges to wrap it up.
Trying to figure out what place is what! These guys barely know where they are
Daisuke and Hideki recappin what they just saw
Alright, alright we figured it out. Momohei secured 4th for the back 3 flip lip.
Taiga took 3rd for the bigspin blunt bigspin
Daiki didn't leave empty handed. 2nd place
Raimu was all smiles with a hand full of Yen. I would be too if i could switch 180 crook nollie flip out!