Damn Am La 2023: Practice Photos

Posted on Sunday, May 21, 2023 by Matt Shail

Damn Am returns to The Berrics in LA for the third time. Here's a look at some highlights from the first day of practice.

Photos by Matt Shail
Just like home! Got to The Berrics and Glancy updated the marquee to let the people know what time it is.
Then he ran over to registration. You know you're in once you talk to these guys!
I think I had my flashes setup for two minutes and Cole came out of nowhere with a switch frontside flip.
Malique Simpson warming up on the a-frame with a back over crook
Taiga backs him up with a bigspin front blunt..that he could do every try.
Yuki Sawashima hits the rarely touched out ledge on the 10 stair with a classy noseslide
Another angle of the noseslide
Greg Rodriguez hits the 10 with a kickflip front 50 to make sure he can still kickflip into every grind.
Our on-site medic, Alyssa, was staying busy all day. The course is as slick as ice.
Back over to the a-frame. This time around Piero runs a kickflip backlip.
Followed by a hardfip backlip from Colombia's Jhonny Zapata
Yo Hideki did you get that?
Jaelyn Sedeno testing out her 50-50 back 180 on the a-frame hubba
Josue Lozano perfectly locked into a front nosegrind into the bay door sunlight.
One of my favorite skaters of the weekend. Jimmy Bueno doing his thing with a 270 shuv front board.
Andrew Cannon is here announcing all weekend. What up Marse!
Steven had these noseblunts on lock.
Another hardflip from Jhonny. This time into a back tail down the hubba.
Jaelyn Sedano goes backside down the 10 with a boardslide.
Shout out to all of the wonderful sponsors and Maurice Jordan for stealing the mic from Manny.
Yo Jesus, do a kickflip!
Chris Blake drove to Cali for this one. Sometimes the judges need to get out on that course too...and sometimes they're good enough to beat out the competition.
Jake Malick made the trip from Lakeland and brought kickflip frontboards along with him
The man behind the madness, Paul Zitzer. He hand screened these tote bags himself, flew to LA, then loaded them with prizes for our podium winners.
Damn Am Japan 2022 winner, Toa Sasaki, trying out his 540 flip front board
Always good to see LA local Maurice back in the mix. He's been skating these contests for a minute. Classic kickflip frontboard warm up for the camera
Mr. SPoT Life Frank Branca posted up stacking clips. Glancy is posing here, don't let him fool you!
Joetaro made sure to kickflip 4 feet above the rail before landing into a back smith
Ray landed this laser flip down the 10 and his hat fell off into his hands simultaneously. He caught that too! The clip is on IG for the curious
Matty Jessee closes out practice with a noseblunt on the a-frame. See you all at Qualifiers!