Damn Am LA 2023: Skater XL Best Trick Photos

Posted on Monday, May 22, 2023 by Matt Shail

There's only one way to host a Best Trick at The Berrics and it's with Skater XL down the 10 stair. Here are some highlights from Saturday Night

Photos by Matt Shail
Jonathan Henderson getting some rest before his favorite event starts: Skater XL Best Trick
Maycon Mota warming up with a nollie heel noseslide
Gary Lemmons had his own filmer for Best Trick and was early grabbing over the rail. So sick
Artsy photo of Kelly Hart getting ready to judge Skater XL Best Trick
Another early grab from Mr. Lemmons. This time into a back lip!
Kristion Jordan switch flip down the set. If you peep the SPoT Life from Qualifiers there is a Berrics First Try Friday's nod in there where he does this first try!
Jonathan Henderson was well rested and ready to attempt this tre flip noseblunt 270 shuv, but didn't ride away. If only he knew he would have won if he just did the tre flip noseblunt.
Chris Blake and Kelly discussing all the insanity going down the 10 stair obstacle.
This Halfcab Heel from Jesus Trujillo was completely folded.
Jhonny Zapata getting in the mix with his hardflip backlip.
This dude was bean planting down the rail and it was amazing. No idea who he was.
Kelly was dying over the beanplant.
Gary said "let me know you what else I can early grab into" as he early grabbed into a back blunt.
Zack Wiegand had on Penny 2's and Tom Penny drip head to toe. Not sure I can picture Penny doing a nollie heel front board down a 10, but Zack could.
Look at this line-up of fine amateur skateboarders.
Toa Sasaki getting in a nollie heel front board...getting as high above the rail as possible.
Paul Zitzer joined the SPoT Media crew and filmed the best trick edit for IG
Best Trick Contest so good it'll make ya cry!
Ginpei Saito taking it over the hubba with a tre flip.
We added an extra 10 minutes to Best Trick and kids started fallin' asleep!
Our friends at Jai Alai sent out local filmer Cole to score some sweet sweet skateboarding content.
Sena Watanabe heelflipping into a front nosegrind and 3rd place overall in Skater XL Best Trick
Congratulations, Sena!
What's a Best Trick without Deon Harris throwing a lateflip into the mix? Double lateflip into 2nd place.
Congratulations on second place Deon!
Taiga Naiga went viral on Friday with his bigspin front hurricane on the a-frame, then on Saturday he took it down the 10 and won Skater XL Best Trick and $500!
Congratulations, Tiaga!
Ryan Carrell threw down this inward heel over the hubba after the time ran out. Couldn't let this one go unseen!
Shout out to Evan Anderson for the fakie front 50 fakie bigspin out. Peep our IG for the clip!
Andrew Cannon and Manny Santiago all smiles after reconnecting!
Sam is the fastest data entry specialist on the west coast AND the east coast. Putting those results on SPoTTampa.com so the people know what's good!
We are outta here. See you all at the finals tomorrow!