Damn Am Japan 2023: Women's Qualifiers Photos

Posted on Saturday, June 10, 2023 by Matt Shail

They're flipping in and flipping out. Here's a look at what went down in the Damn Am Japan 2023 Women's Qualifiers.

Photos by Matt Shail
Let's get a Monster before we get goin' on the Women's Qualifiers
Monster had some rad photos for free at their booth.
There were notes from skaters that were hung up in these trees inside of the park. I can't read Japanese, but I love to think they were all nice notes
The park made these super cool flags and they were lining the street up to the contest. So sick!
Nothing like scaring children by pointing a camera in their face. Sorry kid!
I love Japanese branding. No idea what this food truck was, but it looks awesome.
DJ Wade is for the children!
Take a seat boys, it's time for the ladies to qualify for the Damn Am Finals!
Rino looking fierce out there.
Front blunt for the judges from Yumeka Oda
Followed by a crook nollie flip. Is that trick the new Am Scramble?
Seto Kitano back lip
Miyuu full speed and balanced back 5-0 down the hubba.
Front blunt from the young buck Kuu Takahashi
Front board from Park Subin
The catch on this kickflip front board was unbelievable. Yui Harada handled it
Ria Tanno flying full speed down the hubba. Look at that hair flyin' in the wind.
Back overcrook from Yumeka
Miyuu backing up Yumeka with a front blunt to end her run.
Miyuu has the most insane flick. Just look at it!
I got a photo of Aoi doing this last year too. Switch flip is her go to.
Aoi follows up her switch flip with a rare 50-50 nollie flip out
The crowd was super supportive for the women's division. On to the men's!