Damn Am Japan 2023: Skater XL Best Trick Photos

Posted on Saturday, June 10, 2023 by Matt Shail

Damn Am Japan Skater XL Best Trick consists of 30 minutes worth of tricks that would all win a best trick contest on their own. Here's what went down!

Photos by Matt Shail
Toa Sasaki warming up with a cab noseblunt. You read that correctly. He warmed up with a cab back noseblunt.
Taiga decided do spin into his own variation of a noseblunt and went back 270 into his.
It's insane that a backside flip nosegrind down a 10 stair hubba doesn't get top 3 anymore. Either way Kurisu brought it out to play.
Kairi one upped himself from last year and tossed a shuv out of this kickflip back tail.
Raimu hops in the mix with a switch 270 front board.
What's a best trick without someone tre flipping into a 50-50. Ashu Shigenobu did it first try.
Well well well. If it isn't one of my favorite ams that can heelflip into every trick ever. Sena with the heelflip front nosegrind.
Toa takes the cab noseblunt for another spin and this time big spins out... into traffic AND second place overall.
Congrats Toa!
Toki Kakitani brought his kickflip nosegrind to the hubba
Kento Urano looking like he skipped a dangerous situation known as Best Trick
Toki takes another kickflip down the hubba but this time finds himself in a front tail.
The crowd was lovin' it!
Another angle of that dialed kickflip backtail from Kairi
Taisei Hamamura took his signature crook nollie flip across and down the handrail for 1st place overall in the Skater XL Best Trick.
Congrats Taisei!
Time might be out, but that didn't stop Kotaro from throwing this tre flip noseblunt down.
Followed by a Rui Suematsu hardflip backtail
What up Akio and Daisuke! These dudes are the reason this contest happens in Japan
The Mexican connection. We only had two entrants from the Western Hemisphere: Donovan and Alberto from Mexico City.
BTS Judges panel photo
Toa was our top Qualifier of the day so Paul had to catch up with him for SPoT Life
Hideki running the footage back for all the young bucks that threw down for Skater XL Best Trick. See everyone tomorrow for the finals!