Damn Am Japan 2023: Men's Qualifiers Photos

Posted on Saturday, June 10, 2023 by Matt Shail

We might have to change the name of this to Tampa Pro Japan after the way these guys skated in the Qualifiers.

Photos by Matt Shail
Gotta respect the space!
Hideki chipping away at all the clips he has been collecting all weekend. Too much footage to handle.
Sam showing Wade how to use a smartphone in 2023
Alright these kids are ready. Let's get Qualifiers started!
Toki Kakitani takes the path less traveled and kickflips over the rail into the bank.
Toki crook bonk fakie out of the bank full speed
Takumi front blunt perfection down the center piece hubba.
Sena back at it with those heelflips! Doin' one into a front blunt this time.
Kuon Takaesu popping out of a crook. Beautiful
Joetaro catching a kickflip back footed before stomping it into a crook.
Alleyoop 180 50-50 seems like the most dangerous thing I can think of on a waxed hubba. Rio doesn't think so.
Kikujiro front crook bonk to fakie out of the bank
Kikujiro follows up his previous front crook with another one. I'm not complaining!
Then he back heels the set. This dude is all over the course!
Rio Sawada bringing his pop power to the frontside flip
Well well well. If it isn't Sena Watanabe heelflipping into a front board
Followed by a heelflip down the set for good measure
And a front hurricane. He didn't heelflip into this though - I know, disappointing.
But he did heelflip into this front lipslide like an insane person
Ladies came through to watch the guys after their qualifiers ended!
QR codes are the future of Damn Am.... well maybe not the future of the contest, but they do help with spreading information.
I startled DJ Wade. Sorry dude, shouldn't have put a mirror in front of you like that!
I've always wanted to get a photo with Kurisu and luckily you can see my shadow in this heelflip back tail photo.
Yo this dude is rad!
Rio Sawada going well above the rail for a front noseblunt.
Rio Miyamota had an amazing run and after doing this front hurricane he waved at the crowd like he just fought a bull.
I don't think Rio knows how funny he is. Nobody tell him.
Taiga Nagai with a 270 noseblunt.
Toa has popularized the bigger flip front board. That's right - he isn't the only one that can do them anymore.
270 lip from Taiga. He's gonna win one of these one day!
Varial flips never went anywhere. At least not for Joetaro Saito.
Another back heel from Luca. He caught it right before I snapped.
Father daughter Qualifier quality time.
All these kids can 270 into tricks these days and man is it hard to take a good photo of them doing it.
I could use a Monster right now honestly.
Kotaro Nakano is really good at tre flips.
The next three pictures are crowd laughter from someone falling.
Wait no they are cheering now!
Oh great now one of the skaters is on the ground. What the hell is happening.
Another tre flip, but this time from the mind of Raimu
Raimu has the steeze. Switch 270 blunt.
Here comes Toa. Or as Paul says: Toaconstrictor with a nollie nosegrind
Toa follows up the nollie nosegrind with a nollie front feeble. Tasteful
Nollie hurricane. What is happening.
No nollie into this one. Just a good old fashioned back noseblunt.
I think the catch on this hardflip was heard in outerspace. Tokiya has these things down.
Coffee break. What's so funny Wade?!
What up girls!
Another back noseblunt down the hubba. Brought to you by Junpei this time around.
This is how you catch a heelflip
If you wear sunglasses on top of your hat you better be doing shit like this.
Takumi brings it over to the bump to ledge and rests a back blunt on top.
We love you Daisuke!
You can't get anything past these guys!
Keep your eyes on the tricks judges
Rio returns after blowing kisses at the crowd and gives them a front nosegrind instead.
Followed by a backside flip. He's tweakin!
Switch heel for days.
I have no idea what this is
Photo bomb except I'm the photographer.
Alright who spilled Monster on my board. It better go faster now.
Joetaro closes out the qualifiers with 1 of two varial flips.
Look at the air coming out of that back smith. Wow!
Joetaro closing out with his second varial flip of his run. See you all in the finals tomorrow!