Damn Am Japan 2023: Women's Finals Photos

Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2023 by Matt Shail

Damn Am Japan is the only stop with a Women's Division. We had some really tough competition out there this year. Here are some photos of what went down!

Photos by Matt Shail
Had to hit the courtyard for a snack before kicking off the Damn Am Japan 2023 Women's Finals
What's an event with our dude Frank Branca behind the lens filming a SPoT Life. Check out the whole finals edit here: Damn Am Japan 2023 Finals: Presented by Cariuma– SPoT Life
One of my favorite parts about Japan is the food! Can't go wrong with ramen for a week straight.
Obligatory dog photo. Some say this pup looks like Glancy. Some say this pup is Glancy.
What up ladies. Let's head inside!
Miyuu Ito coming straight out the gate with a gap to front blunt on the a-frame rail.
The Japanese Women's Skateboarding Olympic coach, Miho Miyamoto, was in the building supporting her skaters!
Coco Miyaki throws a front smith down the set
Ria Tanno skates with straight speed and precision. Front 5-0 down the hubba with ease.
Mid finals hotdog break with Akio. Japan likes to load up the mayo on these things for some reason.
Back to the skating. We almost missed this wild kickflip front board from Yui Harada!
Yumeka raises the bar with a kickflip front feeble. She was doing this one every try and it was so good.
Back over crook into 1st place for Yumeka
Congratulations to our top 3 with Yumeka Oda coming out on top!
Thanks for coming out Miho Miyamoto!
Peace out for now. See you all in the men's finals!