Damn Am Netherlands 2023: Practice Photos

Posted on Friday, July 14, 2023 by Matt Shail

Damn Am returns to Pier 15 in the beautiful city of Breda in the Netherlands. Here's a look at our day through the eyes of staff photographer Matt Shail

Photos by Matt Shail
Welcome to Pier 15! Back 180 nosegrind from Madu Teixeira to kick things off
Look at these beautiful banners that our homies at Flatspot Mag had made for the contest
Andrea Caizza taking it easy with a casual warm up back noseblunt
Before you hop in the mix at any Damn Am contest you gotta drop by these guys to register!
Alright the dudes at registration are actually pretty weird.
SPoT's own, Marse Farmer, with a back boardslide up the new kinked rail. Shout out to Nine Yards for the upgrades to the park.
Familiar faces from all places showing up for this one. Tre flip lip from Julian Agliardi
Emeth with a picture perfect front blunt on the bump to bar.
Food break! When we first got to Pier 15 one of the guys said that Pier 15 Skatepark isn't a skatepark with a bar, it's a bar with a skatepark...and also some really good food. Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich was not playing around!
Saw the homie Tim Koster from Flatspot Mag out in the courtyard editing away on his computer
Back on the course we got Germany's Mika Möller with a fat tre flip on the pyramid
Tijmen Overbeek putting his all into a back smith on the a-frame rail.
Everyone was hitting the fatty to flatty off this a-frame bank including Marco Rey with a hardflip.
Vitus Silas backs up Marco with a frontside flip
Well well well...wonder what is going on out here? Stay tuned to find out!
The Nine Yards build crew is the most organized group of people I've ever seen. We need to step our game up!
Sterre Meijer came to hang out and skate the contest with us. Thanks for coming out Sterre!
Almost missed this one. Fakie shuv from Mika
Marse Farmer owns the switch tre flip and this photo is proof
Mika backs up Marse with a fakie tre 1st try!
The Schaefer thumbs up from the locals
The first time Louis went for this nosegrind he stuck and fell straight onto his dome. He came back and landed it immediately. Glad you're good my dude!
The return of Frankenstein: Mr. Frank Branca!
Vitus with another one to flat. This time around he shows off his kickflip skills
Whenver the flash catches some sweat the photo is immediately 10x sicker. Kickflip back from Vitus
SPoT team rider Marse Farmer with the fakie flip front tail for the gram
Joshua Fens boosted this kickflip to front blunt
Reemy joined practice later in the day and didn't hold back. Kickflip over the hubba with ease
Closing out practice with one from Beer on the wall.
Our Netherlands Monster family. See you all tomorrow at Qualifiers!