Damn Am Netherlands 2023: Qualifiers & Best Trick Photos

Posted on Friday, July 14, 2023 by Matt Shail

These Damn Ams sure know how to skate out here in the Netherlands. Here's a look at our day of Qualifiers followed by the Skater XL Best Trick. Keep scrollin' to find out who won!

Photos by Matt Shail


There's not better way to start off the day than jumping 25 feet into ice cold water. We left this one up to SPoT Life filter Frank Branca and our friend Joel
Drying up before we head inside to take on the madness that is the Damn Am Netherlands 2023 Qualifiers
The fans are here. What ya got?!
Simon Deprez warms up with a hard flip into a front board
Andrea follows up Simon with a flick front board
Here's a face you may recognize. We met Beau Brunclair in Paris for the Far N High contest a few months back. He went viral for his 270 nose blunt after their best trick contest. Here he is spinning his way into a back lip.
This guy has a tattoo of himself on his own arm. It's the most original Flowriginal Floris Sprenkeling on the scene
SPoT's own Marse Farmer made the trip to Breda with us. We made him skate the Qualifiers because we love him and he's amazing at skateboarding. Front Feeble from Marse
Marse approaches the bump to rail backwards and takes a high front blunt into the bank.
Another familiar face in the mix. Douwe Macare has been coming to Damn Am since AmsterDamn Am in 2006. Here he is 17 years later with a switch 180 crooks on the a-frame hubba.
Glancy wants YOU to join the Damn Am army
Mika Möller twists backside into a nosegrind on the a-frame
Stopped outside and caught SPoT founder, Brian Schaefer, grabbing some grub in the Pier 15 food hall.
That's a healthy looking squad right there. This could be an ad for a coming to age skate feature. Let's call it Mid 20's
We caught the Nine Yards crew building some stuff outside. You'll have to find out what it was in the Pier Parade coverage!
Head back inside and we found some old shoes up in the rafters. The cobwebs help keep them in place.
Jersey Nelom taking his heel flip to flat in preparation for tonight's Skater XL Best Trick contest
Barely caught this one - Julian with a half cab crook down the rail to end out an incredible run and seal himself a spot in the semi-finals
Louis Bars takes his pinch to the a-frame with a locked in back overcook.
It wouldn't be a Damn Am blog post without a photo of Paul Zitzer mean mugging. Is there such thing a mug models? Get this guy a gig!
Bert Wilmink is the proud owner of the back nose blunt on this hubba. He was doing them every try!
Dj Redbeard brought the bangers all weekend. Look him up on Soundcloud for some wild mixes
Caught Julian and his dad in the courtyard having a coffee with Brian
This is what it feels like to work a Damn Am contest
Coffee break with Frank and then it's Skater XL Best Trick after the jump

Best Trick

Alright, alright, these dudes are ready to rumble for the Skater XL Best Trick
Julian kicking things off with a kickflip front blunt in front of the judges.
Louis Bars was one of the few skaters that attacked the hubba. Pinched front crook
Julian went for most tricks landed. Here's just one of the many: blacksmith back 360 out
Lot of friends in the crowd filming. Tim Koster the main man in the stripes filming an edit for Flatspot Mag
Jonas Carlsson adds his flavor to the mix and throws down a cab back tail on the a-frame rail
Julian strikes again! 360 flip front 50-50 on a round rail
Minds were blown!
Hardflip lateflip is the hardest trick to get a photo of so just take my word on it. That's what Julian did here
Rob Rouleaux was our wonderful master of ceremony all weekend. The man is a legend. Love you Rob!
Bert showing off his Suciu. A sentence only a skateboarder can decipher
Skater Island is here!
Another angle of that infamous hard flip front board from Simon
Julian looking over his clips with pops
Congrats to Reemy Aniceta on 3rd place with his 360 Double Kickflip Frontside Lipslide. I couldn't get a good photo of this trick. Peep the SPoT Life to see it go down!
We live in an era where this is a second place trick. Liam LeFranc with a Kickflip Backside Lipslide Kickflip Out. Mind BLOWN
Congrats, Liam!
Biggerflip Frontside Boardslide Shove Out from Simon Deprez to close out the Skater XL Best Trick
Simon running to claim his victory
Congrats, Simon!
Douwe really wanted a shot at this kickflip nosegrind nollie flip after time ended. Sorry Douwe. See you next year!