Damn Am Netherlands 2023: Finals Photos

Posted on Saturday, July 15, 2023 by Matt Shail

Coming to you from a warehouse far from home. The Damn Am Netherlands 2023 finals!

Photos by Matt Shail

Look at this view! It's finals day in Breda at the beautiful Pier 15 Skatepark
Kickflip back smith practice with Julian
Nollie heel flip crooks from Marco Rey. Check out that catch!
Why grab a Beer when you can grab a blunt from a guy named Beer? Front blunt from Beer Vanhoutte
Beer bouncing off the wall for the fans. Let's head outside and see what kinda snacks are out there!
Glancy spotting in the courtyard. What kinda snacks you got there my dude?
Legendary table here. Woody, Rob squared, AND Tim Koster. Flatspot Mag + The Netherlands OGs
Alright, Frank, let's head back inside and film this SPoT Life episode
Liam Tishbi with the angry flick to kick off Semi-Finals
It's been super hard to not notice Vitus's facial expressions in all the photos I've shot of him. Kickflip back lip
Another angle of that beautiful back noseblunt from Bert Wilmink
Yesterday's Skater XL Best Trick 3rd place finisher, Reemy Aniceta, takes his Tre flip lip down the round rail
Reemy had a karate kickflip. Look at that!!
Fully extended fakie frontside flip from Daniel Knutzen
I shot this one from so many angles and this one is my favorite. Back Bennet from Madu
Crowd slowly rolling in. That's just how they do things here. Wake up at noon. Sun set at 10pm. Who cares!
Spotted Joel and judge Matt Milligan outside. What up boys
Sam drinking a tall cup of EMO juice to make it through the day. His compadre, Derick Glancy, doesn't take a bad photo.
Had some legends in the building!
The find here was incredible. Just look how happy Sam is while eating this Nashville Hot Chicken Sammy. That's right. A Nashville Hot Chicken in the Netherlands
Back inside Jonas shows the judges how to 180 switch crook down a hubba.
Our good friend Christophe came to town and got all the clips he needed in preparation of next years Far N' High contest
Marco showing Christophe his kickflip crook.
One of the few ghetto birds of the weekend provided by Santino Exenberger
SPoT's own Marse Farmer starts off his run with a front lip up the rail. He skated the whole course backwards
Yo Sam give that dude his pitcher of beer back!
Shout out to Woody and Volcom Europe!
These kids were literally bouncing off the walls for the fans.
Santino gets up in the cam with a frontside air on the far quarter.
Djai Marchena keeps the frontside air train rollin'
I caught Julian showing off his moonwalk and other various Michael Jackson maneuvers. The dude is only 13 years old and can moonwalk better than anyone. I wonder if that translates to his excellent skating.
Vitus takes his kickflip into a back tail on this run.
Thumbs up from SPoT's Brian Schaefer after securing the clip.
Back bunt fully on top of the hubba from Diego.
Santino attacking the back quarter with a noseblunt this time around.
One more angle of Bert doing a back noseblunt. He started all his runs like this so it was hard not to document the beauty.
Front biggie board slide from Santino to end his second run with perfection.
The kids were definitely entertained by the skating out here at Pier 15
Douwe brings a front noseblunt to the hubba mix
The people were stoked!!!
Shout out to all of our filmers on the scene.
Vitus takes his front crook up the ledge for his last run of the finals.
Julian came out swinging in the finals. Tre flip lip to kick off his last run for that last effort on a top spot.
Tre flip over the hip to bolts with ease from Julian
Julian ran out of gas, but totally killed it all weekend. Congrats on 6th overall!
These hubbas got hit from all directions. Front blunt from Bart Buikman.
Yakov Terrell finished Qualifiers in the top 2 and landed a spot in the finals right off the bat. He was NOT playing in the finals. Here are a few photos of his 2nd place run.
The locals were so stoked on Yakov!
The homies thought Yakov had this one in the bag.
By the homies, I mean ALL the homies!
Deliberating away to crown this year's winner at Damn Am Netherlands 2023
Julian broke his truck during the semi-finals and had to skate Joey Brezinski's board in the finals. I don't think many kids can say that!
Look up sk8wine on IG for all of your meme and skate needs
You know we got product to toss for the kids!
Thanks for nothing Volcom!
Thanks for coming Joey!
Thanks for hosting Pier 15!
Congrats to Julian for #NailingIt
Tim Koster and fans patiently awaiting the announcement of top 3
Congrats Santino! See you all next year Breda.