Damn Am NYC 2023: Practice Photos

Posted on Saturday, September 9, 2023 by Matt Shail

Damn Am closes out the 2023 series with a stop on the lower east side of NYC at LES Coleman Skatepark. Let's take a look at how practice went down through the eyes of staff photographer Josh Bowser.

Photos by Josh Bowser
Welcome to NYC! Time to clock in on the Citi Bike
Linked up with SPoT OG Josh Wilson and Events Coordinator Matt Shail for some street action before heading to our hotel.
Damn right!
If you aren't hitting the corner stores for every meal, you aren't living.
Good night NYC, we've got a practice bright and early tomorrow
The Damn Commander Paul Zitzer in the SPoT 30 Year Tee
Matt Shail firing away on social media for @DamnAmSeries
Our dude DJ was clocked in, cleaning up, and looking like a statue at LES
The whole Damn (Am) Crew!
It's 10am: Matt and Frank are already out filming clips for SPoT Life and IG
Front crook from Kevin Timmons to kick practice off.
Leslie Morrison representing all the way from Adelaide, Australia for his first US competition.
Kayne Jerome hitting the obstacle of the weekend, the bump to rai, with a back smith.
Jullo Quaglia with a late shuv over an apple in the big apple.
Josh Blanch went the distance on this high speed noseblunt on the bump to rail.
Different faces filming with different devices from different places. What up Joey Brezinski!
Peter Carvajal folding this hardflip all proper off the bump and well over the apple obstacle.
Florida's own, Tyson Zane, with his signature back over crook on the bump to rail.
Christian Grenier popped into practice and took a backtail over the rainbow rail. Is it a rail or a hubba? How many inches determine that it becomes a hubba instead of a rail? Is anyone reading this?
SPoT Team rider Peter Kryger made it out of Lakeland, FL for the first time ever and brought his back tail with him.
Sonic spotting at LES
Aaron Davis has been coming to SPoT since he was a kid! Good to see you man. Shout out to our judge Chris Blake
NYC's own, Jiro Platt, showing Koston Eaton what a skateboard is.
Joey Brezinski is Julian Agliardi's personal filmer. Imagine being able to claim Joey Brezinski as your filmer. Peep the clips on his IG
Marcus Attwood Jr. getting the band so he can get into Club LES
Joey barring up his protege Julian
Shout out to Marcus Caseria repping The Block out of Jacksonville, FL
Rasheen Cofield showing off his tre flip on the twinkie
Piero Nunez has kickflip back tails on lock and we got the photos to prove it!
DJ Carruthers is the nicest man I have ever met in my life.
HOBBY SQUAD. What up Jose!
?? everybody was back noseblunting ??
Backside flip from SPoT team rider Myles Booker
It's not a contest without our head judge, Derick Glancy. What up dirty D
Vern Laird spotting. They just let this guy in anywhere!
Our new friend Matt had the most stoke and pure energy of the weekend. Stay safe out there friend
View from the top rope. It was cloudy all weekend and we had a lil rain but we made it happen
Obligatory Paul and Vern shot
The latest Thrasher Mag Swiss Bones ad is Paul Zitzer downing bottles of Speed Cream
SPoT Team rider Dylan Labrake has a steezy heelflip
Chris Blake trying to pull his own thoughts out of his skull. Nutty!
Straight from the Bronx and up in your face: It's Brandon Johnson
Someone tell Cole Wayka that Skater XL Best Trick is tomorrow night!
Gabe Vigliotti playing around with a back noseblunt to close out the day. See you all tomorrow at 6am when we are back to setup tents!