Damn Am NYC 2023: Qualifiers and Finals Photos

Posted on Friday, September 15, 2023 by Matt Shail

Damn Am 2023 has come to an end in NYC at the infamous LES Skatepark. Find out who made the top 12 and qualified for the upcoming Tampa Am in October.

Photos by Josh Bowser
It's 6 am do you know where your kids are? They're probably at LES cleaning up trash getting ready for Damn Am 2023 Qualifiers to start!
The Damn Commander stickering up the double set for Skater XL Best Trick. Shout out to Jai Alai!
Glancy branding the center piece with some Cariuma representation!
Gotta clean off the dust to get these stickers down. That's dust from the early 90's. Take a bite out of that and you'll start talking in a Brooklyn accent.
Marse Farmer was helping out with social media all weekend and throwing down some stickers.
The homie Johnathan came through to help clean up the course.
It was all hands on deck! Peter Kryger was here too. Man we need these guys at every stop!
Tents are all setup. Lookin' like we are good to go for Damn Am NYC 2023
Artsy shot of Peter posting up banners with the city in the background. Chef's kiss
It's not a contest without Dj Maria! I mean DJ Wade
Here's a look at our course for the weekend.
Clip secured from Kolby Hayes and our Filmer Matt Shail
This is how you setup for a back smith back 3.
Frank Branca with the Sean Conover sighting.
Switch back lip from Kolby Hayes - peep our IG for the clip!
Frontside flip from Tyler Kirshenbaum. Tyler finished in the top 12 last time around. Let's see how he does this year!
One footed front board from the karate kid Billy Teska
Dylan Labrake surprising himself with this front nosegrind.
180 switch crook from SPoT Team rider Keenan Lewis
Marquise Menefee goes up and over the rainbow with a front tail.
Pose for the cam Marquise!
Gap to nosebunt from Adrian Rosales of Queens.
Isaiah backs up Adrian with a front feeble out of Brooklyn
These skaters wouldn't be here without a strong woman behind them, shout out to all the Moms! Especially these two - Michelle and Therese
Our lovely judges panel: Derick, Pat, and Jack
Peter trying to persuade Derick into a better score after his run.
This is the best seat in the house. Good luck getting up there...and down.
Abner Pietro out of Sao Paulo, Brazil with a tre flip for the crowd
Dylan hanging on to this back 180 nosegrind for the judges
Name someone other than Roman Hager than can kickflip back noseblunt mid run first try. Don't worry we'll wait...
Julian hanging on to a front tail over the rainbow
270 lip from All Ages Contest winner Quinn Harbin
Aaron got the clip!
You can't get away with this one at The Berrics, but you can at LES during Damn Am.
Beautiful display of skateboarding from SPoT's own, Keenan Lewis, with a 5-0 alley-oop back 180 into the bank.
Glancy grabbing his hoagie
Brotherly love from Josh Wilson and Allen Russell. Allen Russell is as OG as they come. For reference - he is the 9th skater added to our online skater database that now consists of over 10,000 skaters!
Aaron Davis laying down the style on this back tail over the hump
All of New York came out to this one!
This dude showed up and started dancing in the middle of people's runs in a crazy fit.
Homie had the Bootleg Starwars on his feet!
Piero goes the distance on a 180 switch crook.
SPoT SQUAD - Keenan, Myles, and Dylan <3
What's up Cass!
If you don't have the Powerplay on your VX in 2023 you're playing yourself.
Brandon Johnson goes casual over the pyramid with a switch frontside flip
The homies got nothing but love!
Brandon goes over the rainbow with a Tre flip from Twinkie to bank!
Kickflip back tail big spin from Piero EVERY TRY
Best crowd in the world is the one in NYC. Prove me wrong
The kid returns. Last year Nicholas Ramos went all the way and won Damn Am NYC 2022! Front tail from the man
I don't know if anyone realized that Koston Eaton was doing this front blunt switch.
Cole Wayka started every run with a noseblunt down the double set. He skated like he had something to prove!
Gabe Vigliotti with the grown man kickflip gap to backlip in the corner
Another angle of Brandon Johnson's Tre flip over the rainbow, but this time in the finals! Congrats on finishing 3rd overall Brandon.
Congrats Brandon!
Jonathan Bastian took 6th overall after taking 60th in LA at The Berrics earlier this year. Cab blunt secured that.
Jonathan closed out his run with a locked in gap to noseblunt.
It was a rainy day down at LES and unfortunately Nicholas Ramos wasn't able to hit the 2-peat at LES. Luckily, he finished in the top 12 and landed a spot in the Tampa Am Saturday Qualifiers!
Koston Eaton had a tough start to the day, but came out on at 7th overall. Not bad for a rainy day. Back over crook on the gap to rail.
Congrats on 7th Koston!
Gabe destroyed it in the finals and we don't even have the photos to prove it! Peep the SPoT Life for the carnage. Congrats on a well deserved 2nd place Gabe
Roman Hager can kickflip into anything on on this rail. This kickflip backlip is a testament to that
Fakie flip from Roman to close out his run. Congrats on 8th!
See you in Tampa Roman!
Thanks for Nothing Vern. We couldn't do it without you!
Thanks for Nothing Nate and Monster Army crew!
Nosegrind pop out up and over the rainbow from our 1st overall winner Jiro Platt from NYC!
Congratulations Jiro!
An emotional day at LES. See you in Tampa!
Shout out from the Damn Am Crew! See you next year New York