Damn Am Volcom 2005

Posted on Thursday, October 27, 2005 by Ryan

Damn Am Volcom 2005
Words by Ryan Clements

When you’re from Florida like I am, there’s just something…how can I say it? There’s just something cool about Southern California that I can’t explain. It’s like you’re excited because you’re in California, not only because it’s the heart of skateboarding, but simply because it’s California. Being from the east cost, you grow up hearing about movie stars, Hollywood, and Disneyland. California has this glamorous connotation that goes with it.

Well, just so you know, it’s not as glamorous as we’re led to believe. It’s just another place to live, but with considerably better weather. But good weather is very enticing to skateboarders, which is part of the reason to host an outdoors street contest this time of year in Costa Mesa, more specifically in the Volcom Headquarters parking lot. Can you think of a better setting for a contest? I can’t.

Something else that’s enticing about this Contest is that Brian Schaefer and crew put together a slightly different course each year. Plus, you’re guaranteed to see some top am skateboarding and some pros hanging out as well. Thursday is the official practice day, and from the little I saw, it was going off. Instead of hanging out there all day, I took advantage of my freedom and went over to the KR3W facility.

Thanks to the entire KR3W family for the warm welcome and hospitality. Barak and Scotty joined Dodge and I in the private skate park. It’s pretty standard, allegedly built by one Eddie Reategui, and super-fun. I would love to show you some photos of it, but we left our Asian at Volcom to register the contestants. Scotty’s 360 flips were hot. No really, they were.

So I just got back to the hotel and asked Rob, “I’m writing the story for today. You got some photos from Practice?”

He replied, “No. I was too busy to shoot all day.”

Damn. No Damn Am photos for you! Check back tomorrow for some real coverage.