Damn Am at Volcom 2005 Sunday

Posted on Tuesday, November 1, 2005 by Ryan

Damn Am at Volcom 2005 Sunday
Terell Robinson - a scary descent onto a 360 flip boardslide
Terell Robinson won Best Trick for the gap 360 flip boardslide
Lebowski crowned this girl Queen of the Dunk Tank. She got an award and a ton of product. I wish I was around for the Adio Dunk Tank madness
There were many mentions of how good Nick Dom Pierre's 360 flips looked
Justin Williams has recycled the redneck and mullet combo for a couple years. Time to get a new one, pal
The judges were all into the costume thing. Nah, we actually paid them extra if they wore a costume
Jeff Taylor's costume - Levipod
Evan Smith - frontside hurricane. Keep those hurricanes out of Florida
Adam Dyet - gap backside noseblunt slide
Dominique Johnson - frontside flip nosegrind
If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming to our Contest
Chase Webb - hurricane
Show your pumpkins! Chapin Atchison, Scotty Conley (dressed as The Dude from Big Lebowski), and Brian Schaefer (dressed as Rodney Johnson, Hawk Clothing TM)
On Sunday, Brian Schaefer came dressed as Rodney Johnson, the Hawk Clothing team manager
Brian Schaefer worked himself pretty hard doing this step off boneless type hop thing over the rail in front of our hotel room
Braydon Szafranski and rollergirl
Yoshi - mean smith grind
Words by Ryan Clements
Photos by Yonnie Cruz and Rob Meronek

I always look forward to the day of the Finals. It’s not like I’m the only one thinking like that either. After all, it’s the Finals, and the top 12 out of over 180 skaters definitely deserve their recognition. Here are some of the guys that made the Semis, but didn’t make the cut for the Finals:
  • Dyson Ramones – blew it, but his style is one of the best out there
  • Ben Gore – one of my Florida homies, but his fatty to flatty kickflip didn’t get pulled
  • Grant Taylor – best style overall and even rocked a raccoon cap with steez
  • Collin Hale – nollie flip over the rail to flat was hot, but he couldn’t hold onto an entire run. His chef outfit was proper, though
After the Semis, we had an intermission with some Dunk Tank entertainment. Scotty the Body held it down and got some hot ladies all wet. No, not wet like you’re thinking, Pervert. They were wet because they got dunked in water. God...you’re so lame for thinking that.

During the Dunk Tank extravaganza we were treated to some live music as well. One of the bands under the Volcom Entertainment label, Nihilist, rocked the house and kept all of our heads banging. It was the perfect setting and you could just tell that all in attendance were having a great time. Between the Dunk Tank, live music, and everyone’s costumes, it was the setting for a sunny SoCal afternoon party. It was cool to see those that came out rocking some great gear. I saw people dressed as the following: a pirate, a Viking, Tommy Sandoval, Rodney Johnson, an iPod, a Wet Boy, and even Jesus. That definitely added to the good times. Thanks to those that got dressed up.

The Finals were hot. Dudes came out swinging and totally going for it. It’s pretty amazing that the top dogs from both the Friday and Saturday Qualifiers ended up in 1st and 2nd respectively. I would have never bet on that outcome. When it was all said and done, here’s how it ended:

1. Tyler Hendley – Oakley’s finest took it with amazing kickflips and hardflips, but I liked the fs flip 180 nosegrind 180 out the best. It’s great to see a long-time supporter of our events come up. Nice job, Tyler

2. Vince Del Valle – No namer rips with nollie flips to lipslide on the flat bar

3. Eric Fletcher – anyone thinking “young Koston” along with me? He’s already got the proper first name and Flip is backing him

4. Danny Rosario – viva Brazil! He still can’t speak much English, but his bs flips over the bank-to-bank are on point

5. Antoine Asselin – he ripped, but I didn’t take any notes on him...can’t remember a damn thing

6. Collin Provost – killed it with proper bs smiths on the flat bar and ollies to smith from the bank to bank-to-wall, all with a hurt foot

7. Alan Marola – who are you? I don’t remember a damn thing about you

8. Derek Simon – this rail-killer is coming up. I’d be on the lookout for him at Tampa Am because he’s going for it

9. Terell Robinson – you know how you can tell that someone is going to be pro? Well, that’s Terell, because he has the entire package

10. Dominique Johnson – a broken pinky toe didn’t stop Dom from throwing down some super-smooth kf front boards on the flat bar

11. Nick Dom Pierre – one of the most solid skaters out there couldn’t hold on during the Finals. Nick’s got my back and I got his

12. Evan Mirschell – Florida’s quietest kid qualified 12th and ended up in 12th

Immediately following the Finals we got another round of Nihilist. They rocked it while the ams got ready for a 25-minute Best Trick Jam on the bank-to-bank flat bar and handrail. The moment Nihilist was done rocking, the Jam was on. It started out a bit mellow, but it picked up real quick-like when some hammers started getting landed. Here’s who did what:

1. Terell Robinson – the 360 flip over the whole gimmick to boardslide won it for him, but the kickflip boardslide over the bank-to-bank to fakie didn’t hurt either. Terrell had his “white face” costume on, too

2. Adam Dyet – Adam gave Terell a run for his money with the gap to back noseblunt. He tried to kickflip into it, too, but that was after time and he didn’t make it

3. David Gravette – Creature am kickflipped over the whole deck to fs 50-50 down the rail

4. Jonathan Yanez – who is this kid? His gap to back tail to fakie earned him some bragging rights

5. Brendan Keaveny – who is this kid, too? I heard that Big Dave Pleshaw told this kid that he should come to Damn Am. It’s a good thing he did, too, because we got to witness his back-foot flip bs lipslide

I could go on forever about how fun these events really are. Brian Schaefer, Rob Meronek, and the rest of the crew truly know how to put on a proper skateboarding contest. If you don’t believe me, come and check out the next one for yourself.

Many thanks to everyone involved: Volcom and Adio for the money to make it happen (and V-com for the amazing hospitality), the team managers for bringing their skaters, all of the industry heads that hung out for the weekend, the ams that skated, and most importantly, the parents and skaters that just showed up to check things out...without you we don’t have the next generation.