Damn Am at Volcom 2006 Lurk and Chill Photos

Posted on Tuesday, October 31, 2006 by Rob

Damn Am at Volcom 2006 Lurk and Chill Photos
Roger from Skateboarder Magazine was making free custom t-shirts all day for a long line of kids

I left this water bottle in the port-o-let earlier. When I came back for another piss, someone was nice enough to go ahead and fill it with urine and re-cap it

The camera was in the hands of many people this weekend, so I don't know who took a lot of these photos. It's either Frosty, Body, me, or some random drunk. This chick here is probably one of Dylan Perry's new MySpace friends by now

Whoever took the camera from me knows they are required to take a foot fetish shot every now and then

People were calling Tom Curran "Ton Curran" because he done blow'd up. That's him and Anton eating spaghetti

Body's on it with the foot fetish and self-portrait photos

Another one of Body's foot fetish shots

Graham Bickerstaff and Matt Contreras

Joe Penvose used to work at SPoT doing computer stuff a few years ago. He's looking pretty hyped to be hanging out with Jon Bon Jersey. You'll see how she got that nickname in a bit

Another one of Body's self portraits with Jersey Sarah. She's got the best Jersey accent. We were making her say stuff like a parrot just so we could hear how she pronounced stuff. Thanks for the entertainment, Sarah

That's Frosty with Eric Payne. Eric is either the drummer or guitarist in Andrew WK. He delayed his flight to the next show they had to do so he could hang out for an extra night at Damn Am

Jersey Sarah's got some acrobatics on the jousting thig Volcom set up on the side

Rodney Johnson couldn't have been that wasted at the bar - his wife was with him

Matt Milligan's Halloween get-up was Teenage Duncan

More acrobatics from Jersey Sarah. Frosty takes advantage

Party of Frosty's Halloween costume

Whoa, this eyeball photo thing is pretty crazy. It may be the next series type thing - upskirt, floor shot, sticker bikini, foot fetish, now eye candy

After the Contest, Outback down the street is filled with skateboarders

Adam Dyet should have skated Best Trick with that pumpkin head on

I bought 20, 18 packs of sauce over the weekend. I got to drink maybe 12 of them. You're welcome

The Fuel TV guy looks like he jogged here all the way from LA

Volcom provided some damn good catering for the weekend - all for free. Thanks Volcom

My favorite skater isn't even pro yet, but he's on his way for sure. Thanks for hanging out, Dylan Rieder

The Red Bull girls got everyone wired, especially Frosty and Body

This company called Monster Cable hooked up all kinds of electronics for prizes. We normally don't give away cash at our am contests, unless it's some kind of weird Euro thing

Launching into the inflatable thing looked pretty fun. This kid doesn't have it down, though

Darrell Stanton - thanks for hanging out all weekend. Looks like he's a fan of the redheads

Frosty, Peck, and Holly are in the Halloween spirit

Between the Semi-Finals and Finals, Nihilist rocked it

If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming to our skateboard shindig

Holy Jersey pants! That's where the nickname came from - Jon Bon Jersey on the right and Jersey Sarah on the left came from, well, New Jersey, to hang out and watch the Contest

This dog with two different colored eyes reminds me of Colin McKay's jacked up cat

Frosty snapped a ton of chill photos. Not sure who these random girls are, but they look fun

Brian Schaefer had a different costume for each day. This one almost looks like he doesn't have a costume, though

The Travel Lodge was way cooler about having a hotel party than the stiffs at the Ramada who kicked people out just for having their room doors open and too many people out front

Ryan Clements is known for using his beard to add to the effect of a costume for Halloween. He's looking properly Amish this weekend

Important dudes not looking so important - Ryan Clements, Brian Schaefer, and Jason Rothmeyer

Schaefer and Meronek - I can't believe we've been doing this for six years now

This is Adam Dyet's last am contest - you'll see him at Tampa Pro in 2007

Thanks to Fender for hooking up the guitar David Loy got for first place

After the awards, a giant product toss went down. Girls went for it, too. The bottom photo is a fierce chick fight for a deck