Damn Am at Minneapolis Filmer Mike Video

Posted on Saturday, June 9, 2007 by Rob

Damn Am at Minneapolis Filmer Mike Video
DMFP - first trick in his second run was this huge gap kickflip to frontside 50-50
It would not be a contest weekend if there wasn't at least one big ass fatty to flatty. David Loy takes it into the bowl
This was Anthony Schultz' first run in the Finals that won it. He didn't get off his board once during the entire minute
Taylor Smith cab flips up the step up then full cabs back into it
Chris Troy - kickflip front board backside 270 like a human video game character
Matt Berger - double flip up the step up
Curren Caples - frontside tailslide on the Zumiez couch
A direct hit in the dunk tank
Cody Davis - 360 flip over the pyramid
Cody Davis - kickflip back smith on the rail
Chris Gregson - frontside noseblunt on the bank to wall
Kechaud Johnson - back lip on the Zumiez couch
Chazz Ortiz - kickflip frontside feeble grind on the bank to bar
Collin Provost - frontside noseblunt slide on the bump to Jersey barrier
Ryan Reyes - ollie over the Zumiez couch
Taylor Smith - cab flip up the step up
Davis Torgerson - switch back lip on the bump to Jersey barrier
Steve Webb - kickflip nosemanual on the Pier 7
Ryan Yost - nollie super spin up the step up
Collin Provost - noseblunt slide on the bump to bar
Donovan Piscopo - frontside bluntslide crail grab
Steve Picken - kickflip frontside noseslide
Chazz Ortiz - kickflip feeble grind
Chris Mendes - nollie heelflip body varial revert
David Loy - frontside 270 back lip
Riley Hawk - 360 flip
Chris Gregson - feeble grind backside 180 out
John Dickson - nollie backside flip
Cody Davis - nollie crook
Curren Caples - hurricane
Dustin Blauvelt - backside 360
Dustin Blauvelt - backside kickflip 360
Dustin Blauvelt - blunt big spin out
Dustin Blauvelt - frontside 270 back lip 270 out