Damn Am at Minneapolis 2007 Saturday

Posted on Sunday, June 10, 2007 by Rob

Damn Am at Minneapolis 2007 Saturday
Words by Ryan Clements
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek

Usually in the top am contests that we run there are several guys in there that make you say, “What in the hell is this guy doing in the Contest?” Some busters sneak through the cracks and make it in some way or another and we’re watching the skating and kicking ourselves in the asses on how we let it happen. That was NOT the case during the Qualifiers at Damn Am MN.

Although the day was excruciatingly long, with runs lasting from about 11:15am until nearly 8pm, the level of busters was at an all-time low. With that being the case, it made getting a spot in the Semis very difficult. You could have a pretty decent run and not fall at all and STILL not make the cut in the field of 123 skaters.

Everyone got two, one-minute runs and we took the top 32 skaters for the Semi-Finals, with the top two (Anthony Schultz and Dustin Blauvelt) receiving the Golden Tickets right to the Finals. Amazingly, Anthony Shultz won the Bowl Jam on Friday night and came back to be the top qualifier on Saturday. Click here to see the rest of the guys that made the cut.

On Sunday we’re having a live webcast, so if you’re reading this past 11:30am Central Time on Sunday the 10th, then click here to check it out!

Collin Provost - frontside noseblunt

Chazz Ortiz - kickflip back lip

Shawn Hale - cab back lip 270 out

Bam Margera - thanks for showing up

Chris Jata - nollie half cab heel

DMFP is the only one from Tampa that made the cut today. This is a frontside noseblunt slide

Nate and Eddie, MN OG's

Foot fetish with some sexy boots and a leg going all the way up to heaven

The forecast for the hotel room is partly cloudy

Curren Caples busted out his tooth yesterday in the Bowl Jam. He carries the piece around with him

Curtis Valentine, Robbie Kirkland, and Jeffrey Marshall. Tampa reunion in MN

Kechaud Johnson - gap to smith grind

The other Clements, Mark Clements - 360 flip

Matt Giles, Curtis Valentine, and Dave Cruz. Another Tampa reunion in MN

Brian Schaefer and Porpe on the mic with DJ Wade who is hoping someone slips something in his drink. Wade likes to party more than the average partier