Body's Clem-350 Road Trip to Damn Am

Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2007 by Body

Body's Clem-350 Road Trip to Damn Am
Photos and Captions by Scotty Conley

This dog ran over from the house next to a gas station in the middle of Georgia to try and get some of Lehman's lunch.
This was the first Lehman disaster of the trip. The second one was at Louisville, where he broke his collar bone 15 minutes into the session.
Miami Jackson joined us on the trip claiming he was gonna' moonwalk over one of the Great Lakes.
Kirkland, Jata, Dave Cruz, and Jason Durbin holdin' it down in the back of the truck.
Robby and Jata are not too psyched right now. On the other hand, T4Prez is totally psyched.
Levi, Giles, and T4Prez trying to figure what the hell we are doing at a skate park at 5am.
Here is a simple math equation for you: Nine hours in the car + a lot of beer = Levi taking a slam in the shallow end.
Miami Jackson tried to get a female BMX chick to pitch his tent for him, but she was buckin' so he had to pitch his own tent.
Miami Jackson passed out in his tent for awhile.
I was asked to take this photo so these guys could show their girlfriends they were being good. See have nothing to worry about. They were sleeping with dudes the whole time.
All I wanted to do was lay in some Kentucky Bluegrass, but we had to settle on the regular green grass.
Everyone had shirts on except for Tommy, who was reppin' a fur coat.
Even though he wasn't on the trip, Ryan Clements joined us at Louisville for a quick photo and a pivot to fakie.
Sausage fest at the hot tub once we finally got to Minnesota.
Taylor Smith was there. Him and his dad were nice enough to save me from my diet of bean burritos and Whopper juniors with a nice dinner at Chili's. THANK YOU!
This dog had three legs, so you know I had to take a photo.
Eddie Kochendorfer waiting for some free beer at the snack tent.
Minnesota local C.J. Tambornino showed some love and purchased a Shaqueefa shirt.
This chick bought one as well.
Self portrait with one of the many tasty local brews.
Lehman can't read. He thought it said Go Smoking.
That one dude with Tabari of the many locals who welcome us every year we come out.
After Dylan got 2nd in the Contest we celebrated with a dinner at Majors Jock Bar. They wouldn't even change that baseball game to the Simpsons for me.
Would it even be a skate contest without a game of c-lo? Muldoon and Rothmeyer wait for the outcome of the dice.
Rob done came up. 4-5-6 equals an instant winner.
Dujuan Bell and his girl show up every year for the Contest.
Robby Kirkland, Tabari, Tulio, and Evan Smith are waiting for the party to start at Majors.
Random buildings as we leave Minnesota and begin the journey home.
T4Prez passing the time in the back of the truck the only way we can. With some BEER!
Dave Cruz removed his braids halfway through the trip and revealed one hell of a jeri curl.
T4Prez and Jata were really psyched on this train passing by us.
These signs were how we communicated with passing cars.
I hung out the back of the truck so I could snap this photo of Curtis Valentine.
We stopped in Chicago on the way home and skated downtown for a couple hours. This was on the way in.
Some more Chicago architecture.
They got some really tall buildings over there.
Sorry guys, I always have been really psyched on photos of cityscapes and Chicago was huge and it was my first time in that city, so I went a little overboard with the building photos.
This was Chicago on the way out. Now its time for the long journey home.
I was messing around with the effects on the camera and made the little squiggly lines.
Do I even need to write a caption for this one?
We saw some horses.
Jata was down.
Horses gotta' eat.