Friday at AmsterDamn Am 2007

Posted on Saturday, July 21, 2007 by Rob

Friday at AmsterDamn Am 2007

This is Abdias Rivera's first time in Amsterdam. He's already enjoying it two more times than I am

DMFP - no comply pole jam

Collin Provost - alleyoop noseblunt

Chris Troy and Baby Lamb are really enjoying the freedoms we don't have in the paranoid and uptight US and A

Notice anything weird about these stairs? There are no ambulance chasing lawyers that cause regulations like handrails to protect your grandma' from suing to pay for retirement

DMFP found his gap to...this time it's back 50-50

This is an Amsterdam street pisser. Lucky you can't smell over the internet. Hammeke is hyped

That's P-Stone and DJ Wade with Camilla and Annika from Copenhagen. It's not even noon yet and the sauce and smokes are out

Abdias Rivera and Danny Cerezini need more rolling papers. That's okay, Volcom made some for the contest and they're free. Thanks Volcom!

We were flying down the bike path with this cute girl behind us when DJ Wade ate a huge pile of poop, or "comieda mierda" as Roberto Aleman says it. She almost ran him over and we all got a good laugh out of it. Don't pile on the bricks here. Not fun

Beers, smokes, and good company on the edge of the river with no lawsuit protector guard rail. In the US and A, building code violation number 345,560,987 would be the charge and jailhouse ham and cheese would be the sentence

Why does DJ Wade need to take us hunting for something down a sketchy alleyway?

Rothmeyer is at my shop here. We sell leather rubber twisted gear

Go to the Red Light District and you will for sure "randomly" run into friends. Anthony Schultz and Shuriken Shannon joined us on the lurk

Another random Amsterdam street pisser for families. Does Hammeke ever piss without a smile on his face?

You have to ride a ferry back and forth to get to the Skatepark. You can walk, bring a bike on, or even bring a car on if it's pocket sized like that one there. I think you could fit four of those in the back of the Clem-350