After AmsterDamn Am

Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2007 by Ryan

After AmsterDamn Am
By Ryan Clements

After AmsterDamn Am, Jenna and I stayed to be tourists for a few more days. Here are some pics that she shot throughout the weekend and a few words from me explaining each one.

Are Dylan and I gaying off? Naw, I was just so hyped after he did that gap to bs noseblunt that I ran down there and gave him a big ol' hug

David Loy on the way to getting mad chicks. Jenna is a fan

The view from the Movenpick, the hotel we were staying at, was amazing. This is only a partial view obviously, but the amount of construction going on in A'dam is ridiculous

This is a shot of the Movenpick from the water. The entire city is made up of rivers and canals and there are over 1000 bridges connecting all of the sketchy little roads

This was standard operating procedure for breakfast...hitting the grocery store. Dylan MF Perry, Adam Dyet, and Robert Aleman chill on the stairs while I lean on the post

It was raining for a lot of the time, but that didn't stop us from seeing the town

This is what we call a European afternoon - P-Stone doing the honors

These are some statues modeled after a Rembrandt painting - couldn't get a pic of the painting because there are no photos permitted in the Rijksmuseum

The Heineken Brewery is a must-see. It costs 10 Euros to enter, but everyone gets three free beers. Totally worth it for Jenna and I

That lady in all black ruined my dinner. We were at some Argentinean Steakhouse and she wouldn't stop yelling at the manager. They tried to remove her from the establishment to no avail, so we took off to another joint