Damn Am Awards Announced: January 22, 2009, San Diego, CA

Posted on Friday, May 2, 2008 by Press

For the Damn Am Awards, one of the awards is skateparkoftampa.com Readers' Choice. Below are the ams that are in the running for Damn Am of the Year so far. Who's your pick for the top am of 2008?

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Details About The Damn Am Awards
SPoTlight Productions would like to announce the 1st Annual Damn Am Am Awards, taking place during the ASR Trade Show in San Diego, January 22 2009 at the San Diego Convention Center. The "Damn Am of the Year" is going to be based on the 2008 Damn Am events and Tampa Am. Here's how it's going to break down:

All Damn Am events follow the same format - timed runs with the top 30 making the cut to the Semi-Finals on Sunday. Once a skater makes the cut to Sunday during two separate Damn Am events, they are in the running for "SPoTlight Am of the Year." Their highest scores from those days are then averaged together for the final score, indicating who will be crowned Champ. For an example of how these results would have been calculated in 2007, click here.

This year the Damn Am will be traveling to Minnesota, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Costa Mesa, and finally Tampa, for the coveted Tampa Am. Beginning in 2009, Damn Am will also be adding a stop way Down Under in Melbourne, Australia.

In addition to the highly coveted "Damn Am of the Year" award, we're working on other less-serious categories as well, such as Favorite New Am, Coolest Kid to Chill With, Worst Haircut, Changed Up His Kit, and so on. So if you're over every party at ASR that you can't get into because you're too young, or you're tired of getting "tickets" to find out that you have to wait outside the club for two hours and still not get in, come check out the Damn Am Awards. We're talking bands, food, and the usual damn good time that you've come to expect from the Tampa crew.

Check DamnAm.com or SPoTlightSkateboarding.com for more information on our 2009 events.