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Tampa Pro Results

All winners dating back to the first year of Tampa Pro.

Tampa Am Results

All winners dating back to the first year of Tampa Am.

Contest Results

You can find about a decade worth of history on contest results here.

Contest & Event Coverage

Photos, videos, and stories from all the events we do and attend around the world.

All Ages Contests

Photos and video from our annual All Ages Contests right here at SPoT.

Clash of the Crews

An annual shop vs. shop contest battle to the finish.

Closeout Items

If you want to save money, this is the place to do it.


SPoT Life is our series that follows everything we do, including our travels around the world.


Questions, answers, and clips with your favorite pros.


Damn Am is our Worldwide Amateur Skateboarding contest series. Here's everything you need to know.


Find everything from rants about skateboarding to photos from a street mission or backyard rampage here.

Skater Database

The most complete list of skaters on the web including photos, video, contest results, and magazine coverage.

What's Up Column

The What's Up blog chronicles everything going on at SPoT and has been here since 2001. Check the archives out here.

Boards for Bros

Boards for Bros is Skatepark of Tampa's charity organization that donates hundreds of skateboards a year to underprivileged children. Visit their website here.

20 Year Anniversary

Check out SPoT's history through 20 interviews with pros and other industry icons that were here over the years to witness it.

Tourist Missions

When we travel, sometimes we make a point to go into tourist mode.


Our current roster of rippers.


Some of our team riders prefer two wheels and pedals. Here's the current list.


We're known for skateboarding events, but we also support our BMX buddies' events too.


There are thousands of photos on the site. We've been posting them here since 2001.

Our Staff

Meet the people that work at SPoT and our back offices we refer to as Innetech.


Win anything from decks to skate trips here on our Digital Product Toss page. Watch the What's Up for new ones.


We ask one question and then you get 10 tricks in the park. This turned into SPoT On.


Each month, we pick an employee that's been killing it and throw them a party, followed by a video premiere.

Product Watch

We pick a new drop from your favorite brand and showcase it with some photos. For the video series, go here.

Skate Camp

Skip those boring Summer Camps and come do something fun on your time off from school.

Tempster's Old Photos

Some random photos from Ed Templeton's Tampa Pro archive back in the day.


Classic video parts with a little history to back them up.

Rent Our Mini Ramp

We've got a portable mini-ramp for rent that works at just about any event. Click through for more info.