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Every month, we enter coverage that people get from the mags. Everything is broken down between editorial coverage and advertising coverage and assigned a weight/score. Editorial is what the mags decide to cover and advertising is what companies pay to have in the mags. Editorial is scored higher than ads, a two page photo counts more than a single page photo, a full page counts more than a half page, etc. Anything less than a half page is skipped. Then, all of these numbers are put into the flux capacitor of gargantuan proportions super computer that runs the website and out pops these nice reports that show you who the mags are giving the most coverage to. We started tracking in May 2005 and currently use the top five four mags: The Skateboard Mag, Transworld Skateboarding, Thrasher Magazine, Slap Magazine, and Skateboarder Magazine. You can also view coverage grouped by magazine or grouped by photographer.

*Coverage tracking started in May 2005