David Pleshaw Article at Skatepark of Tampa

David Pleshaw

Posted on Friday, August 2, 2002 by Employee

David Scott Pleshaw
PHOTO COMING SOON Nicknames that you know about? Darkpie (Colorado), Get Pissed, Big Dave
Start skating? 1988
Started working at SPoT? Built the bowl in Summer 2001
Your message to the world I have the means to crush you.
What's your job at the Park? Sweating 8 hours straight, Lessons director

Favorite Products
Deck Furlong's twice used decks, SPoT 8.25
Wheels Whatever 58-60's, Spits were nice
Trucks Indy
Bearings Swiss
Hardware Macho
Grip (KGK) - Kolor Grip Krew
Shoes DVS Footwear
Video Anti-Hero, FMII, Plan B Vids
Watch Andy Mac wouldn't give me one...
Magazine Thrasher, Truckstop
Snack Bar Food Eat Fresh

Other Gear, Stuff, Websites, Whatever, etc.
Schaefer's Shempers and Stainers Shirts
Anything out of the 'Free Box'
Woodward Camp
Team Pain Concrete

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