A Random Camera Dump Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Random Camera Dump

Posted on Wednesday, July 9, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Jamie Thomas and Ty Evans were recently in town to film. Derewenko shot some photos at the harsh bump while they were here. The video footage below is Schaefer and Ty on the vert ramp.

Okay so it's not just old ass men that have "interesting flick". Somehow it seems little kids start out that way then outgrow it as they get older. There were a lot of kids in the 8 and Under Division that could kicklfip. Sheckler was kickflipping when he was eight also, only it was in Tampa Am when he rode for World Industries
This right here is good flick. You may recognize this kid from the Summer Camp Flyer. Nice 360 flip
Once again, there's that old man flick on another 8 and Under tyke. I'm sure in a couple years he'll be kicking straight out instead of back like that
When you're 8 and Under, it's cute when you early grab 30 minutes before you get to the tranny. If you're doing that and your age has two digits in it, it's time to re-evaluate your whole life
I like seeing little kids with a good looking ollie
This kid looks just like Lehman's kickflip
I can't remember where I stole these photos of the Barcelona bump to bar. Schaefer, DMFP, and I are spending an extra 10 days in Europe after AmsterDamn Am next week so we can make a trip to Barcelona. I have been talking about getting to this bump to bar for years so I can ollie it while I'm still young enough to jump. What do you got over it? If we get there and I can't ollie this, I'm going to punch myself in the face so hard it will break my own jaw
The Skatepark of Tampa Party Team has a full selection of gear coming out including ads in Slap and I think one other mag. Wow. This all started as a joke a couple years ago. Watch for a Skatepark of Tampa Party Team tour coming soon. I bet we'll get a lot done on that trip
Here's the current state of the Captain Corporate's Coverage Patrol. I'm only about six months or so behind. If you're a super skate nerd and know all the ams, all the pros, all the photographers, and have great grammar skills, send me an email if you're interested in helping me out in exchange for lots of skate product
If you're a skate mom with the right look, you might be lucky enough to be assisted by Brian Schaefer himself in the Shop
Here's a Clem haircut update. The silver mullet is now the silver mohawk. Jamie Thomas approves
Here's a chill cam dump from Frosty. He recently went to NYC to build some stuff for a contest that Billy Rohan did
I finally had a free weekend in Tampa and instead of hanging out at home, I took off for an impulse trip to the Grand Canyon. Never been before and am glad I finally went. Booked a trip on Friday, flew out on Saturday, and flew back on Sunday with no plans whatsoever. Everything worked out great. That's not me right there, that's some random dude throwing out gang symbols on a rock I was too scared to climb out to. I don't even like standing on top of the Kahuna at the Skatepark. If you have a chance to go to this crazy cut in the Earth, you should go. It's amazing
Ever wonder how the lights get changed here at the Park? Frosty handles that. My knees are shaking just watching him


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