Etnies Recession Session Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Etnies Recession Session

Posted on Wednesday, March 18, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The images below can also be viewed as a slide show.

Word on the street is that Andrew Langi is entering the Am Vert Contest. He was killing it padless on the U. Check this effortless blunt fakie
Meanwhile, other kids on vert are looking classic. This one's ready for battle with those giant pads. It was nice to see a small crew of padded up tykes going for it on the U
They're all scared of the U, but not the flat part
Ethan Clothier is 10 and he does frontside airs right, like this. That gives you no excuse to stink bug it no matter how old you are
Wow, how scary is that? Andrew Langi - fakie one foot on the U
Ethan Clothier is taking the hair bomb and meron grab to the top of the U
Andrew Langi is looking so smooth on the U
Everyone filed in like it was the unemployment line for free hot dogs and burgers. Thanks etnies!
The Dirt Weasel - kick flick
Ethan Clothier is not just a tranny champ
Somehow I missed so many photo ops of the entire enties crew skating all day. I think I spent too much time on my skateboard myself. That's Tyler Bledsoe - frontside 360 over the hip
Old and new generations of the U - Mike Frazier and Reese Frazier
Dylan Perry is on etnies, not some other shoe company
Josiah Portillo's nollie backside big spin doesn't quite get captured correctly because my camera only shoots five frames a second instead of nine
If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming to our dusty skateboard hut
Is your mug in this crowd shot?
During the sticker toss, if you got a sticker with Mikey Taylor's autograph on the back of it, you won this iPod dock. This kid looked like he was getting electrocuted when he found out he won
Some stickers had other stuff on the back of them that got you a free deck. Maybe at the next sticker toss, you should pick up the stickers
Thanks Mikey Taylor, Sean Malto, Davis Torgerson, Andrew Langi and the rest of the etnies crew for hanging out and skating with us all day
Who cares if you shemp out your shirt when you just caught three new ones in the product toss. I wonder if the other kid knows who Richard Nixon is


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