Phoenix Am 2009 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Phoenix Am 2009

Posted on Monday, April 6, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The images below can also be viewed as a slide show.

Jereme Knibbs - back smith frontside 180 out at Tempe
TJ Sparks - crooked grind shuv it out at Tempe
Jereme Knibbs - fakie flip at Tempe
Look how I poach on this filmer kid. That's Demarquis Mcdaniels from Dallas big spinning in Tempe
Dylan Perry - frontside 360
You thought Leo Romero started this going up thing? Nah, that was Israel West way back in Tampa Am 2005. If he's not in a padded room right now with a straight jacket on, he should be. Dylan Perry - backside 50-50 backside 180 out up the hubba
TJ Sparks - kickflip 50-50 backside 180 out
TJ Sparks - smith grind on the weird rail at Tempe
Dylan Perry - frontside 180 switch manual at Tempe
TJ Sparks - kickflip over the picnic table at Tempe
We took a break from the Contest and hit up the bank spot down the street. There's a nice view to the left
Dylan Perry - ollie over the fence
After Jereme Knibbs' ollie over the fence, we got the boot
This guy is asking for Negative Nancy commentary for sure. But nope, it's all positive and polite from here on out. I am just going to complement him on his lovely hair. Hey dude, what kind of conditioner do you use? There wasn't any in the hotel all weekend and my hair is really super nappy right now. Let me get some of that. Oh and nice shorts. We should take our white ass legs to the beach together
Tabari Cook is amazing on and off the skateboard. Negative Nancy couldn't even think of one bad thing to say about him
I have to hold Negative Nancy back on this one. Ben Raemers' feet are screaming Merry Christmas and those rabbit ears are touching the ground. And they're Duffs. Wow. How can she not just tear him apart right now? Nah, it's all positive and polite. We even did a foot fetish together and had a nice laugh about his hurting footwear choice. He lost a wheel while skating. Too bad he didn't lose two shoes. Oops, chill Negative Nancy
David Reyes was first guy, first heat on Saturday and did this back overcrook before you got out of bed
When Negative Nancy sees someone double New Yorkin' it with a tank top and purple shoes, she really wants to hand out the Most Busted Gear and Trick Selection of the Contest award. Must be his sponsor Militant Clothing hooking that steeze up. Keep that comedy hate to yourself, bitch. It's nothing but positive vibes and polite observations here, only I can't think of any right now so I'll have to come back to this one later
Negative Nancy is whispering very bad things in my ear about this classic toddler move. Yeah, someone did it. I can't think of anything positive and polite right now. Have to come back to this one later, too
Negative Nancy recalls another person that should be in a padded room right now. Way back in 2005 when we all found out who Mike Mo Capaldi was after the first eS Game of SKATE, this creepy dude won it while skating with a water bottle in his hand the whole time like this guy here did in both of his runs. I hope you're not as nuts
Negative Nancy won't stop staring at Andrew Cannon's gear. Save it, bitch. I wish I had half the personality Andrew Cannon has, even if he does roll with a lumberjack beard and snowboard beanie in the desert. Looking good, Andrew. As long as that guy is standing next to you
Andrew Cannon had the most entertaining runs and the best ride away on this back smith
Theotis Beasley - even Negative Nancy be likin' him
Tabari Cook is like Rasta Theotis. Negative Nancy approved. That's a hardflip
Donovan Piscopo, Riley Hawk, and Shawn Hale. Negative Nancy can't say a word about any of these rippers
Riley Hawk - frontside flip flowing on tranny
Alex Longcamp - kickflip frontside boardslide
Dylan Perry made this nosegrind backside 180 out in his run on Saturday
Jereme Knibbs - back lip in his run
Negative Nancy wants to throw a striped shirt on this Freddy Krueger lookin' dude. That's Danny Tumia scaring you with frontside grinds in your dreams
Given this dude's choice of clothing, Negative Nancy is not surprised that he's doing this particular skateboard stunt
Oops, Luan Oliveira isn't pro, he's still am, just doing all pro level tricks. Kickflip frontside nosegrind frontside 180 out
Negative Nancy likes when people take the same gear thing to the next level and also have the same board. That's Kyle Walker and Robbie Brockell
Negative Nancy can't say anything about Shane Heyl being on the mic all weekend. He was hyping it up, making sure to read the sponsors, and didn't say "git yo mamma up in da club" too much
Josh Hawkins - frontside noseblunt slide
Andrew Cannon - big flip. Negative Nancy says emphasis on "big." Dammit, shut up Nancy
Speaking of big...
Robbie Brockell - cab
Saturday night there was an art show and after-party. Us nerds were the first ones there at 9pm
We actually had time to look at the art
Jereme Knibbs wrote this caption: "Yo Clem, please come on the next trip so Rob doesn't have to stay sober and be temporary Team Manager. He's way more fun when he's hammered." Thanks, Jereme
After a while some people showed up and a fire pit warmed up the cold desert night
Just when the party was getting started, we had to get out of there to avoid the tornado and be all responsible. Booooo
Chapped lips were a problem for everyone in this dry desert heat
This frontside flip switch manual was one of the easiest things Luan Oliveira was doing. In his run, he did hardflip nose manual nollie flip out
This is just a bunch of random photos of Joe Hammeke running. He was the hardest working photographer there. Besides me, of course
Kevin Romar can nollie big heel anything
I heard some kids behind me talking about Dylan Perry. When I turned around I expected to find some friends. Nope, they were just random kids. They pay attention. Dylan Perry was signing autographs
Right after Dylan Perry signed those autographs, he probably scared all the kiddies away with this get-up
Looks like someone cut the cheese in the upper left corner and someone left a lovely lady behind in the lower right corner. Negative Nancy wants that one guy to put his shirt back on
Cody Davis won the damn thing
Tyson Bowerbank - backside 360
Chase Webb took one of the scariest full blown face plants I've ever seen after a kickflip boardslide attempt left him nuts to the rail. I thought he was going to the hospital
After that face plant, Chase Webb got up and took his last run like a champ. Backside lipslide down the rail looking frightened on the execution and smiling on the ride away
Kyle Walker - frontside feeble
Negative Nancy kept nudging me to take a picture of this probable circus ride operator and make fun of him on the internet. No way, Negative Nancy. I bet he's a real nice guy that will run the swings for an extra few minutes if you let him have a bite of your cotton candy
I could not agree more with that shirt. Negative Nancy could not agree more that Manny Santiago needs to put on a shirt
On the way out to Phoenix coming from a layover in Atlanta, my seat happened to be right next to Manny Santiago. I made it on Manny's Blog. Hell yeah
Dustin Blauvelt - switch frontside 270 back lip
Bryant Chapo - nollie big spin
Luan Oliveira - switch frontside flip
Chase Webb - frontside nosegrind
Scott DeCenzo - nollie noseblunt slide
Dylan Perry firecracker'd the stairs. Must have been the shirt
Bryant Chapo - kickflip over the rail
I only asked them for a photo, not for the story on why they were covered in Sharpie
TJ Sparks did a backside noseblunt slide on the bump to big ass barrier and won Best Trick. $2,500 and a bad sunburn for him plus dinner for us. Thanks TJ! We are now at the airport on the way home. Check for the rest of the results. Thanks Laura and Trent at Cowtown for having us and putting on this great event

Other Photos From Phoenix

Jereme Knibbs - 5-0 kickflip out at Tempe Skatepark
Dylan Perry had the alley oop fakie 5-0 on lock so he threw in the shuv it and learned a new trick
TJ Sparks is part of our crew for the weekend. Nollie back heel up the long step up at Tempe Skatepark
After Dylan, Jereme, and TJ all had their runs in the Qualifiers today, we went on the hunt for spots and returned to this old favorite. DP took a tumble there. Now it's time to sit in the hot tub at the hotel and simmer. Check back Monday for more from our desert adventure


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