Two Days in Barcelona to Ollie a Bump to Bar Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Two Days in Barcelona to Ollie a Bump to Bar

Posted on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The Barcelona Bump to Bar Challenge Results

I have been talking for years about coming to this bump to bar to ollie it. Last year when we finally made it here, I got hurt and couldn't make the ollie. Schaefer after several tries also gave up. This year we are back and ready to snap. Check the three minutes of footage below to see what went down.
It sure is an interesting stroll through the streets here. Check out that asshole's shirt in the bottom photo
We spent a lot of time on crowded subways, sometimes lost. Kenny Hughes, former Barcelona resident, led the way to the bump to bar
The shark fin things that Brent Atchley did that huge frontside ollie on are on the way to the bump to bar. I was planning on yet another meron grab on that thing, but didn't have the sack to pull it in because I didn't want to get hurt for the bump to bar. That thing is super skinny and can easily fold an ankle in half. Oh well, maybe we'll come back to this. For now, take a poop
As you saw in the footage, Schaefer didn't make it today. Our plans are to come back tomorrow for him to sail over this thing. For now, it's another take a poop
After about 15 or 20 tires, I finally made it over. Kenny shot the sequence but it came out blurry so now they can't put it on the cover of Thrasher. Damn!
These two members of the 2009 Euro Six Pack did not attempt the big jump at the bump to bar. Take a poop on the sidelines
Dylan Perry heel flipped it after just a few tries
Doesn't look like Vern is trying to hard here. Maybe at least put the snacks down? Take a poop
Check the footage to see Dylan Perry's ollie over the bar the other way. Big snaps!
After the bar, it's another fun skate through the streets and neighborhoods of the city
Now we're passing some time on the bench in the subway hole. DJ Wade can crooked grind anything
Dylan Perry - BSTS
Now we're at the Uni benches. They're super sticky. I was expecting them to be greased up. The start of DJ Wade's crooked grind is on top and the end is at the bottom

Wednesday in Barcelona

Schaefer decided to declare "Mission Delayed" on the bump to bar. We were all pretty spent from yesterday's full day of skating. Since we skipped the bar, we spent some time on the beach and just skating all kinds of random spots around the city. Here's a minute of chill cam footage.
Now it's Wednesday and we're on the city lurk yet again. Schaefer is not feeling the bump to bar today so we're headed to the beach instead. Sounds good to me. On the way, we pass all kinds of weirdo street performers
There's some kind of community bike rental system going on here
In Amsterdam, they're all about the bikes. Here, they're all about scooters
I always find the different pedestrian and stoplight signs in every country interesting
What do you have on this fullpipe before the subway smashes your life in?
There is some amazing architecture here
Repeat: There is some amazing architecture here
An acquaintance we made on a short bus ride had a pretty awesome tattoo
Please pardon the gear. We thought we were all going straight to the beach, not shooting skate photos. Then suddenly we start passing all kinds of great spots. Recognize this Brent Atchley spot? Dylan Perry has his flashy beach gear and a crail pivot fakie on it
Again, pardon the shorts, we were on our way to the beach. Thanks for shooting my blunt fakie, Schaefer
At least we weren't skating in this dude's kit
Serious boobies everywhere on this beach with sketchy dudes and coolers coming by every five minutes selling beers for 1.5 Euros. When the bike police would ride by, they would all scatter like roaches when you turn the lights on
We took a different way back to the hostel and ran into a bunch more random skateable stuff. Dylan Perry is on what I think is some kind of bench
I'm going to make blunt fakies the new old guy trick. Please excuse the thing on my head. It's a gift for my girlfriend. Where else am I going to keep it? Thanks again for snapping another photo, Schaefer
They were selling those towel/wrap things on the beach. Dylan Perry got one, too. We were both looking silly all day with the headgear. It's okay, we're at the beach. That's a pivot fakie. Save those tricks for dudes in their 30's
Look at DJ Wade's legs on this pile up. There's no way he's getting them on the ground to save himself here. Yep, this one was straight to shoulder check on the ground. Ouch
Schaefer went over this bank thing like a spine. Today we're taking it easy on the small stuff and saving the bump to bar for another trip. We are now headed back to Amsterdam to run AmsterDamn Am this weekend. Hope you can make it there


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