A Random Kid's Story on Getting Into Tampa Am Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Random Kid's Story on Getting Into Tampa Am

Posted on Friday, November 13, 2009 by Rob

I got this footage from someone wanting to be in Tampa Am:

Crazy tricks, but earthquake landings at two miles an hour? I gave him the usual polite letdown and asked him to keep filming and send new footage for next year to see if he might be ready for Tampa by then. He sent new footage this year claiming that I can ask people at Plan B if I have any questions or issues with putting him in the Contest. Here's his new footage:

My reply: Jeff, the crazy ass inward heel 360 down ice palace gap was nuts. As far as Tampa Am, you're just not there yet. Have Plan B email me directly if they have any questions. Thanks again for sending footage. Rob

His reply was "thanks but andy henrie at nike just told me he got my name into the contest."

At this point, I copied in Plan B and Andy at Nike asking them what's going on. Turns out they really are both backing him. I got this from Plan B: "This kid is a guy that Paul and Colin found on youtube, they are psyched on him - on the fact that he tries really hard stuff." Andy from Nike confirmed saying this dude is part of their crew. Okay so I stand corrected. His name is Jeff DeChesare and we will be seeing him in Tampa Am. See you here, Jeff and sorry for giving you such a hard time. Tampa Am gatekeeper is not always the most fun job in the world - ha.

Get the full details on Tampa Am here: http://www.skateparkoftampa.com/tampaam. You can also win an all expenses paid trip to Tampa courtesy of Gatorade.


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