Tampa Am 2009 99 Bottles Show and Anniversary Party with Del Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2009 99 Bottles Show and Anniversary Party with Del

Posted on Saturday, December 5, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Evan Smith - wallie over to front crooks to fakie. Damn, the skating is amazing today and we just got started.
Youness Amrani is from Belgium. We first met him at AmsterDamn Am two years ago where he was killing it. Now he's in our hometown doing the same. He made this 5-0 360 flip clean in his first run. Then in his second run he made this one again although it's sketchy.
Vern Laird and his straight edge tattoos are in line for the open bar.
If you were in this crowd at the 99 Bottles show, thanks for coming to our crusty skateboard hut.
The decks during the bowl jam at the 99 Bottles Show were like a whole separate party.
Lako in the private party at Frosty's Dungeon.
This crew was lurking with A-Plus in Frosty's Dungeon.
Cory Kennedy, what are you doing in the sauce line?
Schaefer is looking like a rep for PBR.
Kyle and Wizard Smoke, Skatepark of Tampa OG's.
Everyone's favorite Mexican, Paul Flores.
Fernando Soares is back in town.
The Snack Bar was like a real bar during the 99 Bottles Show.
Manchild is party of all the grown up festivities with Brittany and Charlene showing him how to treat ladies.
Some bottles...
Some bottles...
Some bottles...
Some bottles...
Some bottles...
Some bottles...
Some bottles...
Mike Goodwine with girlfriend and daughter - which one is which?
Former SPoT Employee Club (FSEC) member, Brandon Bristol.
Del and A-Plus did a few songs during the 99 Bottles show.
Good thing I saw Del on Thursday when he was at the Skatepark because on Saturday, I was too hammered by the time he came on.
Both of these filmers are drinking, but only one puts his camera down when it's time to party. P-Stone is always with camera and brew.
More bottles from the 99 Bottles Show...
More bottles from the 99 Bottles Show...
More bottles from the 99 Bottles Show...
More bottles from the 99 Bottles Show...
More bottles from the 99 Bottles Show...
More bottles from the 99 Bottles Show...
More bottles from the 99 Bottles Show...
Mike Goodwine, Del with Goodwine's bottle, and Brian Schaefer. I was nervous fanning out asking for this photo.
Goodwine has a Del tattoo.
The bowl warehouse was jumping when Del did a few songs during the Art Show.
If you were here, thanks for coming.
The tops and bottoms of a circle of friends.
Another member of the FSEC, Ichabod.
This is Andy who won the Gatorade all expenses paid trip to Tampa. He actually rips, which is great to see. Hope you're having a fun time in Tampa, Andy. Andy gets private sessions at the Park as part of his win.
Ryan Bayless - nollie flip.
Compton - fakie flip.
Zach Funk - back lip.
Tim Zom - backside noseblunt slide.
Cesar Fernandez - backside flip.
The judges are John Muldoon, Kyle Berard, Paul Zitzer, Mike Sinclair, and Jason Rothmeyer.
Mike Espinosa - nollie half cab flip.
Paul Flores - frontside flip.
Ishod Wair - fsng.
Rene Prez - frontside 360.
Jereme Knibbs - frontside 360.
Gilbert Crockett - backside 360.
It's now Saturday night and we're on our way to the Anniversary Party with a wet lurk through the streets of Ybor City.
Shawn Hale doesn't really drink. Hope that one I bought him didn't hurt too bad.
If the INS showed up, guess which one of these ethnics would get deported first.
Manchild is hanging out at Czar getting more life lessons from Charlene and Brittany.
Freddie Tan ain't too cool to dance.
Ricardo Paterno - right about here is where the memory was fading. I have multiple photos of the same people about an hour apart starting at this point in the night.
Elisha, Brittany, Paul from Fuel, and RB Umali.
Watch for Joe Pellham's party footage soon.
SPoT OG Kirk Hallinan and John Montesi.
Jeff Lako is packing all your orders this weekend.
Pause for a foot fetish.
CJ Tambornino
Photographer Rodent
FSEC member, John Party
Boyfriends and girlfriends
Is Wes Kremer the next to get a Shaqueefa butt tat on his face?
Pause for another foot fetish.
Stalker Steve and the Shaqueefa butt face tat.
I met Ben Gore's mom at the bar. Wish my mom was cool enough to hold it down like that.
Yep, it's all ages tonight at Czar. That's Alex from the Shop.
Solomon Mosley
Vince and Alex are both in the Shop all weekend. Introduce yourself.
John Motta
My new friends from Chile.
Austin and Tabari
Cody Hale
This is Allen, he owns Czar.
Two filmers, Colin Clark and Collin Kennedy
Jake the ATM
Anthony Verdi
My long lost daughter, Sierra, is all grow'd up.
Stalker Steve and Sierra. I wonder what dirty thoughts are running through his mind right now.
P-Stone, Sierra, and Joe Maloof
Steve Buggica, FSEC member, and Sierra
Dan Plunkett, Sierra, and Marky Clements.
Shortbus drove in from Texas.
Sierra and John Motta.
Had enough Sierra yet? That's Tommie Zam.
Dave Cruz and Sierra.
Brittany and Wayne Schaefer.
Stalker Steve, Brittany, Charlene, Dylan Perry, and Matt Giles. I spy a member of the FSEC.
Finally caught up with Brian Schaefer.
She's way taller than me.
Oh yeah, there was a damn good hip hop show. I was too hammered to enjoy it properly.
Mark Suciu has the Golden Ticket from Friday and two lovely ladies to go with it.
What? Nick Dompierre is here? I spy Jake Johnson.
This one black dude was there.
Ron Deily made the cut!
That's it, I'm wasted. Let's call a cab and bounce like boobies. See you all in the morning.
Speaking of morning, I got here at 8am and found DJ Wade and Norman Woods still up from the night before. Norman was in the first heat Saturday and of course missed his run even though he was right here at the Park.


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