Tampa Am 2009 Videos in YouTube Format Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2009 Videos in YouTube Format

Posted on Sunday, December 6, 2009 by Rob

The Dango is Dead Premiere at Tampa Am 2009

After every seat in the theater filled and all the stairs were claimed as seating also, the Centro Ybor Muvico staff had to cut off entry for anymore people before the premiere even started. If were were there, thanks for coming and hopefully you got there early enough to get in. Yonnie's part was so damn good.

Saturday Street Qualfiers Part One

This one finishes off with Cameo Wilson's huge big flip over the pyramid hip the hard way. Cameo was in the Golden Ticket spot until Ben Hatchell bumped him out in the last heat.

Saturday Street Qualifiers Part Two

Lots of tykes in this one, including David Loy's little brother, Ethan Loy on his first Tampa Am. This one wraps up with unsponsored SPoT local, RayRay, on a bsts around the corner to 360 flip 50-50 on the bump to box.

White Men Can't Jump: Stalker Steve Goes for the High Ollie/Jump

We were just in the middle of a judges meeting when Neal Hendrix comes in to let us know they're trying to get Mike Sinclair to jump the high ollie bar with no board. When we all get out there, Stalker Steve has been coaxed into giving it a try. The result was one of the funniest things we've ever had go down as a side show at the Contest.

An Interview With Two Virgins

Looks like Chase Webb is well on his way to getting past second base. P-Stone harassed the kiddies at the counter in this hilarious interview about girls with little contest tykes Chase Webb and Tyson Bowerbank.

Josh Stewart's Friday Tampa Am 2009 Recap

Three minutes of footage from Josh from Friday's amazing street qualifiers skating. 5-0 360 flip out? Damn!


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