Zero Demo at SPoT, January 2010 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Zero Demo at SPoT, January 2010

Posted on Monday, January 11, 2010 by Rob

Joe Pellham put together this footage from the Zero demo on Friday. Chris Cole destroyed the place along with Garrett Hill and the rest of the Zero team. Garrett’s backside flip nosegrind out forward was one of the best things I’ve ever seen on the ledge. If you were here, thanks for coming to the first demo of the year at SPoT.

Meronek's Photos

I didn't want to pop flashes in everyone's face at the Zero Demo, so I did what I could with the poor lighting at night in the Park on these sequences from that night. Changing crappy photos to black and white seems to make them less crappy.


Jereme Knibbs - half cab nose manual backside 180 out.

Blue, a SPoT local, has been getting good lately - wallie back lip 5-0.

Jereme Knibbs - switch backside 360.

Porpe should bring toilet paper to each session. I think he's got the most Take a Poops so far. This wallie backside tailslide didn't end up working out for him.

Porpe - wallie backside 5-0, no poop.

There's no pivot on a Chris Cole backside 360.

Tom Asta - nollie backside flip. The lighting is a little better in this corner of the Park. No black and white treatment needed.

Chris Cole - ollie over to switch crook.

Stalker Steve's Photos

Piro Sierra got a few tricks down the rail before the Demo started. Back lip.

Garrett Hill crushed the handrail - bluntslide.

Jamie Tancowny is ridiculous to watch skate in person - overcrooks.

Jamie Thomas didn't disappoint - lipslide.

Garrett Hill had huge pop shuvs down the stairs.

Jamie Tancowny - back noseblunt.

Garrett Hill - kickflip back lip.

Tom Asta - varial heel.

Jamie Thomas - 5-0.

Jamie Thomas - tailslide.

Chris Cole blew everyone's minds with this kickflip.

Tom Asta rips. Switch backside flip.

Chris Cole is a one man demo. 270 lipslide 270 out. Wow.

Mad autographs yo.


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