The Moat Show January 2010 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

The Moat Show January 2010

Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

RP Bess and Andrew Cannon at the World Industries booth.

The shoe business is an amazing thing to sit back and watch.

What are Chubs and Lebowski doing here? Their daddy, Mike Sinclair, is scared to fly so he drives here with these boys Schaefer is curled up with.

Mike Sinclair and Dan Murphy, new to the Tum Yeto family, but an old friend of Mike Sinclair since Kacka got put on the map.

Dan says we won't be seeing him in Deklines even though he made the move to Foundation.

The Krew/Supra staff says, "No photos!" Gotta keep the sketchy orientals from their copycat ways.

Thanks to all the companies that had a little something to hand out to kids.

Nixon's stuff is always looking clean and classy.

The FSEC is at work in the Vans booth. That's Gonzo repping some Vans product.

Barak and Justin are doing the buying for our Shop.

Two Florida pros now part of Florida skate retail. John Montesi from Westside and Ed Selego from MIA. The pose is looking a little suspect, but when you've been friends this long, it's okay to show the love.

It appears the sketchy skateboard industry is at work here with five dollars changing hands for some strange reason.

Elwood has always been one of my favorite clothing companies.

Cullen's a couple hundred shy of Steve Van Doren, but he can still man the waffle machine like him.

Ryan was busy showing the Lakai and DVS line every time I went by.

Keith Hufnagel and his crew were here to rep the Huf brand and line of new shoes and apparel.

I really want to try out some of these Theeve trucks.

It's all bid'niss with shops meeting up with brands. Then at 3pm, sauce flows. That's when you'll find me out there.

Cons are looking better and better each season.

Justin's lining up our next restock of Mighty Healthy.

Chris Williams and Ed Selego from MIA Skate Shop are making the call on which Circa's to bring in. Watch for this MIA mag floating around the show that Ian O'Connor made. It's filled with great photos and interesting stories all from Dade County where Miami is.







Along with some gangster ass Kacka jams, you can check Connor Champion out in the YouGottaGetThat video we saw yesterday. This is Connor checking out some fresh new Nike SB gear.

Speaking of fresh new Nike SB gear, there's a P-Rod 2.5 coming out soon that's vulcanized. Not everyone jumps down 20 stair sets. These shoes are going to be good.

Schaefer, Porpe, and I had dinner at Acropolis in Ybor with Keith Hufnagel and his crew where we broke some plates and jammed with the Greek guitar guy.

Schaefer and the Huf crew in front of The Bricks in Ybor, opening in March. Schaefer has been talking about opening a bar since the 90's and now it's finally happening. He's the proud new owner of a building in Ybor where The Bricks is opening along with a small version of SPoT Skate Shop. More on that soon.

We are now at Reservoir where the Berentzen shots are free flowing and getting us all socially lubed up.

Her friends at the bar kept calling her crazy. Careful, Stalker Steve.

Oh, you didn't know Tim Gavin came to the Moat Show?

Thanks for the shots, we will all be back for more tonight. See you at Res.


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