Tampa Pro 2010 Skate Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2010 Skate Photos

Posted on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 by Rob

Rob Meronek

On the sequences, click to enlarge them. They're too large to be putting all of them here full size.

Right after this front blunt, Ben Hatchell then did blunt kickflip fakie. They are amazing tricks that no one these days is doing, but unfortunately both we've seen about 15 years ago now. What happened to vert progression? Everyone needs to get out of the air where TV and Monster wants you and back on the lip where real skateboarders know the skill and talent is.

Ryan Sheckler - half cab 5-0 back 180 out.

After Luan Oliveira started his run with a few bails and knew his minute on the course wasn't salvageable, the judges requested that he use his remaining time to put on a ledge demo for us. This is one of the more simple tricks he did, relatively speaking.

Man, how do you even think that fast? Torey Pudwill - wallie backside lipslide to back tail.

I still can't believe Paul Rodriguez did this switch flip back lip as part of his runs in the Finals.

Torey Pudwill's nollie pop is clearly shown on this nollie backside flip.

Italo Penarrubia - varial 540.

Ryan Sheckler hanging on to a nollie backside heelflip.

I don't know about Tyler Hendley's funny looking hat selection, but I do know I like his giant 360 flips.

You know you're on another level if you can make a simple frontside ollie look like Grant Taylor does.

While I had some work to do, Porpe picked up the camera and shot this sequence of Matt Miller's backside noseblunt slide that won the Silver Trucks Best Trick. How does it feel to see someone back noseblunt something you can barely ollie up? Damn.

I like Dennis Busenitz' style 360 flip versus the spread eagle some people have. As you can see on this survey most people are split on that about 50/50.

There's a full two frames in this Luan Oliveira hardflip sequence where he's already caught it and is guiding it into landing like an air traffic controller.

Mario Saenz is a good skateboarder and a nice ass dude. You may have been wondering who he is all weekend. Unfortunately, you don't know because he went pro with zero magazine coverage and no known video parts and started entering pro contests. The Jeff Ward approach fails again. But, that's just my opinion.

Danny Fuenzalida's nollie flip is looking so good.

How would you like to have switch bigger heel as your go-to trick? Luan Oliveira does.

Every time I use my age as an excuse for not being able to do something, Ronnie Creager puts me in check. That's a switch frontside flip.

Stefan Janoski - switch frontside nosegrind. I didn't want to update the headshot he has for the site because the one he has now is what his mom sent in. She's rightfully proud of Stefan.

When Clay Kreiner checked in, he was wearing a funny looking hat like a baby Tyler Hendley. I expected he might be taking part in the kickturn contest on the vert ramp. After just a couple runs of seeing him skate, I was instantly reminded of Danny Way's barging onto the vert scene in his decades old part in Ban This. Clay's got a little bit of that style. He's not quite there with the super hard tricks yet, but he's looking damn good on the U for sure.

John Rattray has been coming to Tampa Pro and making the cut to Sunday for as long as I can remember. Thanks for coming back, John.

I think you can see Jordan Price's glass earrings twinkle from this far away.

P-Rod has one of the only good looking nollie front foot flips I've ever seen.

Luis Tolentino is here to reclaim his high ollie title from Larry Perkins.

Clay Kreiner's airs like this contributed to my recollection of Danny's Ban This part. Now if he did varial into this and cracked a back d, he would be on Frazier's level.

Is it just me or do ethic dudes seem to do better hardflips? Besides Bryan Herman, I can't even think of any other's that stand out. Andrew Pott has them down pretty good.

Sam Beckett was doing Christ Air 540's, but I missed all the makes. This bail looks like he just got thrown out of an airplane.

Justin Brock was the only one doing frontside bigspins straight over the pyramid.

Just another look at Dennis Busenitz' 360 flip from the side.

Chaz Ortiz - backside flip.

Chris Troy - 360 flip.

Danny Fuenzalida - switch smith grind.

Grant Taylor came in on this tweaked backside air right at the coping level like that frontside ollie.

Ryan Sheckler is the President, Chairman, and CEO of the backside flip. He owns all the stock in the company.

Sheckler is the owner of the backside flip, and Lindsey Robertson is the owner of the heelflip. This one's a frontside heel, one of the hardest tricks in skateboarding.

Clay is looking good on every wall. Now smack it to frontside disaster and revert it like Frazier.

What do you think Luan is doing here? 30,000 feet in the air, board on the ground flipping, and coming off a ledge? He was just messing around and doing backside 50-50 to back foot heelflip out. So crazy looking.

Luan Oliveira - frontside flip over the hip the long, hard way.

Greg Lutzka had huge frontside 360's straight over the pyramid.

It was nice to see Mike Peterson put together fast, high energy runs that lit up the crowd.

Nick Trapasso was not taking anything serious when it came to his runs. Seem like he had a great time. I like his unique looking 360 flips.

Peter Ramondetta's 360 flip catch looks so tight. I sure took a lot of 360 flip photos.

How about a switch 360 flip? Sammy Baptista has it on lock.

Shuriken Shannon - backside flip.

Damn, Justin Brock, that's a serious 360 flip.

Omar's shoe just dropped today. He just finished up his run on someone else's board due to an airline luggage mishap. After missing every trick in his run, we pretty much stopped the Contest so he could take the few extra tries to make this back tail transfer. Afterwards, he came and apologized to us all for taking so long to make it and holding up the Contest. 100% worth it, Omar. Thanks for coming and congrats on the new shoe.

Torey Pudwill kept it "safe" and just did the back lip up and across in his runs, but during practice he was doing backside tailslides up and across. It's not just amazing pop he has, it's power and control, too.


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