Element's Make It Count Contest Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Element's Make It Count Contest

Posted on Monday, March 29, 2010 by Rob


Zone 1 (Tech Plaza)
13 and under- Devin Bangoli
14 and up- Jacob Portillo

Zone 2 (Pyramid)
13 and under- Clint Beswick
14 and up- Brandon Knowles

Zone 3 (Handrail)
13 and under- Jamie Foye
14 and up- Kevin Liedtke

Overall Winner- Clint Beswick

Before the skating, Element Team Manager Ryan Dewitt explained everything about the different wood and tech in Element boards.
Skater Profile: Ryan Dewitt
Barak and Wizard Smoke, obviously mesmerized by the technology in those seven layers.
Skater Profile: Wizard Smoke
Ish Cepeda - backside flip.
Skater Profile: Ish Cepeda
Anthony Henderson - big spin front board.
Skater Profile: Anthony Henderson
Every time he comes to the Park, Jamie Foy one-ups his bad gear from the last time he was here. Good thing he's one-upping his tricks, too.
Austin Disbrow - frontside nosegrind.
Skater Profile: Austin Disbrow
It seems like Eddie's at the Park more than most employees. He had the day's best 360 flip over the pyramid.
Devin Bagnoli - 360 flip.
Skater Profile: Devin Bagnoli
Austin Disbrow needs one more push on this wallie lip to get it out of deck check zone.
Skater Profile: Austin Disbrow
I wonder which one of these dudes convinced the other two. That's some leadership skills right there.
Eddie plows through a shirtless frontside nosegrind. I'm ready for the brutal heat of summer.
Porpe has an alarming number of Take a Poop photos. It has to do with his style of trying things that are just out of his reach. This nollie heelflip noseslide didn't work out.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel
Brian Upapong was the closest thing I shot to a frontside grind all day, so he gets the cover of the Mag this time.
Skater Profile: Brian Upapong
Enjoy this trick while you can, Alejandro. You've only got another year or two before you have to put it in the vault and throw away the key on this classic tyke stunt.
Skater Profile: Alejandro Burnell
Kwayne Busby is another local that logs a lot of time at SPoT.
The meron grab is like the opposite of the 50-50 kickflip out. Like cigarette smoking, reveling in women, and binge drinking on the weekends, you should wait until you're older for these types of stunts. Devin Bagnoli's look good, though.
Skater Profile: Devin Bagnoli
Jereme Knibbs won the High Ollie Contest they had.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
The Element team didn't skate today. They were the judges for the entire day and they took it seriously, which is exactly the opposite of what usually happens when you have pro skaters judge a contest.
Skater Profile: Levi Brown
This is Stalker Steve right before he went to lunch.
Skater Profile: Stalker Steve
Victor is stuck with the Chinese last name equivalent of the American abbreviation of the name Richard. Here's here hardflipping on the kiddie course. Speaking of China, Clements, Schaefer, and I are going next month courtesy of Woodward. Watch for a retarded increase in oriental jokes on the site.
Skater Profile: Victor Wang
Who dat? Nollie heelflip.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
Who dat? This backside 180 is about to go down after the landing has already taken place. When you're just learning them, it's okay to go out of order.
Jacob Portillo won something. I'll post the results when I get them.
Skater Profile: Josiah Portillo
Shak is that loud kid in the audience. That's a good thing. Don't be shy.
Skater Profile: Shak Wright
Jamie Foy used to wear pants. What happened to him? I think Nick Trapasso happened to him.
Many collisions when down all day. I like the look on Brandon Baker's face.
Skater Profile: Brandon Baker
Brandon Baker - nollie hardflip backside 180.
Skater Profile: Brandon Baker
Get Dylan Perry's Grip in the Shop and it will save you from toe drag like it did here.
Skater Profile: Dylan Perry
Chris Jata still had bar breath when he came over to look at this frontside heelflip.
Skater Profile: Chris Jata
That's a frontside flip right as Chris Jata catches and steers it.
Skater Profile: Chris Jata
Chris Jata - nollie half cab heel.
Skater Profile: Chris Jata
Yonnie also got the can on a given up attempt at getting a switch backside 360 sequence - take a poop.
Skater Profile: Yonnie Cruz
Clint Beswick was the overall winner and got a trip to California. See you out there, Clint.
Skater Profile: Clint Beswick


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