Chill Time and Skate Photos at Maloof Money Cup NYC 2010 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Chill Time and Skate Photos at Maloof Money Cup NYC 2010

Posted on Tuesday, June 8, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Jeffrey Marshall turned some more heads this weekend while killing it on everything.
Skater Profile: Jeffrey Marshall
Kyle Walker - bsts.
Skater Profile: Kyle Walker
Dune and Ryan Clements gearing up to talk mad crap on the mics all weekend.
Skater Profile: Chris (Dune) Pastras
Good thing I didn't have to write this iPad judging system myself. Our friends hired by Maloof Money Cup - those Reality Check nerds - wrote the whole thing. Friday morning before the Contest was the first time we got to take a look at what they produced from me giving them the full design specs and how to make the interface. Bugs were nearly instantly discovered but the RC nerds quickly fixed them and things were back on point by the time the Contest started 24 hours later.
Skater Profile: Jason Rothmeyer
We took the time to explain the format to everyone. Clem is here with Chris Pfanner, Chima, and AVE.
Skater Profile: Chris Pfanner
Due to this being on live TV, DJ Wade was stuck with a pre-set list of elevator muzak he was allowed to play. You know what's worse than wack ass business owner kooks who yell, "You'll sue me!" when they give you a reason for kicking you out of a spot? Your favorite musicians are worse than that. I can't imagine how dumb and demoralizing it must be working in the music industry.
Skater Profile: DJ Wade
Jason Dill, AVE, and the comeback kid stretching for a possible spot in the Contest. Thrasher said no.
Skater Profile: Jereme Rogers
Behind the scenes in the live TV truck was an amazing thing to watch.
Terry Kennedy was here filming for his new show on BET.
Skater Profile: Terry Kennedy
This dungeon behind the course was my office, shared with Reality Check Kevin, where we were battling kids unplugging our router that ran the whole iPad judging system, possible theft of our gear every time we had to frantically run out to the course to do something, and spilled drink disasters from the course.
Spotted this kid repping hard.
Jeff Pang was on live the whole weekend. It was on Fox Sports, too? Damn.
Skater Profile: Jefferson Pang
Theotis Beasley. I didn't even get to say hi and get my hug because it was so hectic.
Skater Profile: Theotis Beasley
The robot droids were documenting.
Adam Dyet - nollie frontside 5-0.
Skater Profile: Adam Dyet
Lizard King - firecracker.
Skater Profile: Lizard King
Stefan Janoski got the Most Leisurest Gear of the Weekend award.
Skater Profile: Stefan Janoski
P-Rod didn't ignore the grate. When you do switch tricks like this 360 flip, do you skate your board switch also or do you leave it regular? Looks like P-Rod puts his board switch, too.
Skater Profile: Paul Rodriguez
The skateboard media was insane.
Paul Rodriguez - switch smith.
I guess they found Rohan. We found this sign on the ground.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Keegan Sauder's extra Euro ass shorts were pretty amazing.
Skater Profile: Keegan Sauder
The judges rolling up to the scene.
This live TV guy has a salty sign for you.
Serious Ty Evans style.
These grown ups are the Fuel TV live broadcast crew producing the whole show for the boob tube.
Security wanted a photo. Nicest security out.
Candy ain't cheap here.
These umbrellas caused Paul G from Fuel and I a lot of headaches. They were blocking the TV broadcast, but they were also absolutely crucial to the iPads not overheating and shutting down the Contest. We were both stressing the hell out. By the start of the next day, we had worked out a solution to have shorter umbrellas.
This pile of iPads had me on the verge of heart attack through the entire day on Saturday.
I asked these girls what their job was this weekend and they said, "Look hot."
The crowd early morning outside.
Steve Rodriguez.
Skater Profile: Steve Rodriguez
Shawn Hale - backside nosegrind.
Skater Profile: Shawn Hale
It's never too hot for a Tampa Kit.
Skater Profile: Timmy Knuth
I watched Luis Tolentino's huge frontside 180 over the five stair rail go down in the back in the live TV truck. They were debating on whether to cut away after he had tried it like five times. Luckily they stayed on until his last try where he made it.
Skater Profile: Luis Tolentino
The Am Contest winners.
Skater Profile: Felipe Gustavo
I guess the personal chef for the Maloof brothers was cooking. He was serving up some amazing gourmet stuff like these fried chicken wrap things.
A few of the pros in the Finals during a meeting to go over the format one more time. Caswell Berry, Sierra Fellers, Keegan Sauder, Sean Malto, Chris Cole, and Ryan Decenzo.
This crazy structure is right outside the park.
Porpe took over the camera for a bit - Koston, Smyth, Hunter, and Andy.
Skater Profile: Eric Koston
We know who Chima likes.
Skater Profile: Chima Ferguson
Keep those iPads in the shade or the Contest stops.
Where you at?
We had to stop the Contest so everyone could fan out with Lil John.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Shane Azar.
Skater Profile: Shane Azar
Torey Pudwill - big ass switch flip over the hubba into the bank.
Skater Profile: Torey Pudwill
This is the girl from Entourage and Sopranos. Celebrity madness at this skateboard shindig for sure.
If Keegan still had those Euro ass shorts on, you'd get the ol' nut tunnel in your eye here. You know the gap in the short shorts that always somehow makes a nut show. You know you're not gay, but somehow your eye just gets caught in the nut tunnel and you get stung. Not cool.
Skater Profile: Keegan Sauder
The trophies.
Gavin Maloof and Remy Stratton from Volcom.
Skater Profile: Remy Stratton
Fake champagne flies as Chris Cole is announced the winner. See you next year in Flushing.
Skater Profile: Chris Cole


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